Self-Love & The love of your life
18 April 2019 

Self-Love & The love of your life

Let us start with a bold statement, we believe that the minute you truly love yourself, you will automatically find the love of your life.

Some of you will already check out when reading this, it's too painful. You don't have the love of your life and you have longed for it for so long. Of course, this statement is painful for some but to others it will give hope, to them it's a promise.

Looking at all the men and women around us, longing for a fulfilling relationship, we see that they have one thing in common and that is a lack of Self-Love. What is Self-Love again?

Self-Love is to accept myself, forgive myself and to love who I am, the way I am, under all circumstances, always.

Selflove quote

Is it that BIG? Yes, it is that big but at the same time, it is THAT feasible. We daily work with women and sometimes men, who want to free themselves of negative self-talk, a negative self-image, the memory of the toxic relationships they always attract and the echoes of their past.

No Self-Love

When you have no Self-Love you settle for less. You accept behavior from your partner that hurts, harms or diminishes you. You compromise, you make do, you adapt, you facilitate bad behavior, you facilitate being humiliated, you facilitate being abused either mentally, emotionally or physically, in some way, shape or form. The minute you settle for less you start a toxic relationship with the other. The reason you do that is because you have a toxic relationship with yourself: I am not good enough, I am not worthy, I don't belong, I am not smart enough, I am not beautiful enough etc.etc.

When you are longing for a fulfilled relationship with the love of your life you have to ask yourself this question; ‘Do I have a toxic relationship with myself'‘? Do I feel from the bottom of my heart that I am enough, that I a worthy, that I am whole, that I am smart and beautiful etc. When the answer is; ‘Yes I do have a toxic relationship with myself', it is time for you to break this cycle.

Break the cycle

And the only way to break this cycle is to dedicate the rest of your life to love yourself first before loving the other or others, even your parents and your children. Wow, that one hurts most probably. Even my children, are you nuts?

No, we aren't nuts. Till now you dedicated your life to settle for less and you know it doesn't work, at some level you don't have a fulfilled relationship with yourself and the other. You project all your love, all your desire and all your own lack of self-love on your children and/or your partner and now they have to love you unconditionally and totally in return to make you feel loved and whole. Of course, you guys love each other, of course, you have a great family, of course, there is a whole lot of love going on between you all, but that is not the point. The point is that you don't love yourself at some level and you don't feel fulfilled at some level. Now that is you lacking Self-Love and that is the part that isn't working in any relationship.

What's next?

Do you want to start loving yourself more today? We have created a powerful 9-statement-meridian-tapping-protocol we call ‘My Self-Love DNA in progress'.

Start or finish your day with this meridian tapping protocol for the next 30 days and let us know what changes you start to notice. Learn how to work with this powerful protocol in this video.


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