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23 March 2019 

Self-Love is a crystal clear choice for Self

Early March 2019 we did a free 11-day Self-Love Experience.  At the end of the Experience, we shared 6 new Self-Love Secrets with the participants.

6 Self-Love Secrets

  1. Self-Love loves to be connected to a Big Why / Life Purpose
  2. Self-Love is a crystal clear choice for Self
  3. Self-Love needs inner leadership
  4. Self-Love is a neutral goal that feels good at the same time
  5. Self-Love is a vibration
  6. Self-Love is an inner journey


Today we love to share Self-Love Secret #2 with you: Self-Love is a crystal clear choice for self.

We all want Self-Love but what does it mean that you have to make a crystal clear choice. Isn’t it enough when you say ‘I want Self-Love’?

Yes and No.

YES, the minute you say ‘I open myself for Self-Love’, Self-Love will open up to you.

And NO, that in itself is not enough. Self-Love is not a choice for just one day. Self-Love is a choice for an inner journey where you will be challenged every minute of the day. Self-Love will test you, ‘do you really want me enough’?

Crystal Clear Choice

And that is why you have to make a crystal clear choice to open up to Self-Love. This crystal clear choice means that

  • you are 100% loyal to yourself
  • you do what is needed, no matter the consequences
  • you heal that what prevents you to feel and have Self-Love
  • if you feel fear and you do it anyway

If you want to grow your Self-Love, you need to be prepared to meet these conditions.

100% Loyal to yourself

On the path of Self-Love you will be constantly challenged to be loyal to someone else or something else. Others will label your loyalty to your Self-Love as selfish because they are afraid of losing you or they are afraid of losing their influence over you.

The moment you give in to being loyal to others out of fear of isolating yourself from the group or out of fear of losing them, you choose being loyal to others above being loyal to self. And at that moment you are disloyal to your Self-Love.

The moment you decide to be 100% loyal to your Self-Love you don’t give in to others asking you to be loyal to them or to something that goes against your true longing or desire.

Do what is needed, no matter the consequences

Self-Love needs your full commitment, your full attention and energy. Self-Love needs to know that you are prepared to do what is needed, no matter the consequences.

This is a scary part for some of you. Am I committed to do what is needed, no matter the consequences? Even if I don’t know the consequences?

Are you committed to go that far? Or do you set a boundary, till here and no further. In that case Self-Love has to prove itself first before you say ‘I take it, no matter the consequences’.

Heal what stands in the way of Self-Love

In the process from not loving yourself to loving yourself you will come across resistance, anger, fear, numbness, etc.…. That in itself is normal, we all have unhealed feelings, but to be able to fully Love, Accept and Forgive yourself you have to conquer these feelings.

And this is why we say that you have to heal what stands in the way of your Self-Love. Believe in your own Self-Healing capacity, explore how you can heal yourself and the path will become clear.

If you feel fear, you do it anyway

Of course, on the path to Self-Love you come across fear and a lack of confidence. Yes, you need courage to follow your path.

Create daily rituals so these rituals will remind you to go on, to celebrate your victories and to learn from your disappointments.

Our Discovery

We ourselves went through all the above in the past 4 years. We begged the heavens to deploy us as channels of love and light, no matter the consequences. For us it was totally fine at the time, to ask for it that way, although we had no clue what it meant. We had no clue if the consequences would be bearable or unbearable.

But in hindsight, we are so very happy we did beg the heavens. Because we learned how to be 100% loyal to our path and ourselves. We learned to accept all the consequences and we healed a lot (!) of unhealed emotions and limiting beliefs that stood in the way of our Self-Love.

We jumped of the cliff with the confidence that our wings would grow as we were falling down. And they did!

At this moment we love ourselves more than ever. Every day we make a crystal clear choice to grow our Self-Love and to heal what is needed.


About the author
We are Briant [1958] & Jaldhara [1960] both Dutch. We started with personal development in our early twenties. And the inner journey we've made till so far in this lifetime, has gradually forged us into the Leaders in Inner Safety we are today. Our gift to you is our lifelong experience in facilitating the shift from Inner Unsafety to Inner Safety. In this process you will transition from Inner Turmoil to Inner Peace, from Inner Captivity to Inner Freedom and from Self-Denial to Self-Love.
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