Self-Love: The transition from Inner Unsafety to Inner Safety
8 May 2019 

Self-Love: The transition from Inner Unsafety to Inner Safety

I don't know how it works exactly but we just KNEW. We can't explain it. We can't describe it. It isn't logical and it doesn't make sense. 

It didn't make sense at first. At first it was only a strong feeling. And when we acted upon it, it grew. And the feeling became even stronger. And it started to make more and more sense as our idea started to develop and started to take on more and more shape.

When we first came up with the idea it was our goal to share all our knowledge and experience about learning how to love yourself. And to do that in such a way that people would have truly life-changing and lasting results in a short and intense period. 

And we are so amazed, humbled and grateful, all at the same time. Because it's happening. The participants of our new program, ‘Accelerate your Self-Love' are really having life changing breakthroughs and life-changing and lasting results in this short and intense period.

After just 5 weeks into the 8 week program this is what one of the participants is sharing with us today about the transition she is making from Inner Unsafety to Inner Safety. Thank you for sharing your story with us! We are so proud of you!

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My transition from Inner Unsafety to Inner Safety

Before I followed this program I was stuck in my life literally and figuratively speaking. In all kinds of ways, I was a pressure cooker that was about to explode.

Whatever I did and tried ‘it' didn't open up for me and there was something very heavy inside of me preventing me to succeed. 

This inner journey I made from feeling UNSAFE to feeling SAFE in this program was the key.

I could suddenly see and feel what had kept me imprisoned all these years.

It was as if the key was put in the lock and I could now enter the playing field. I started playing. Sometimes I had to rest on the bench, only to enter the playing field again after a while. The ball often went into the net and sometimes it went next to it.

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I became more skilled at playing the game, it felt as if the game itself knew what I needed. And the longer it lasted, the more the game and me seemed to become friends. There was this flow.

I started to experience safety on the field and safety within me. Not always but when I didn't I would start to play the game again; I would look at it and just play. And always with love and gentleness for myself. 

❤ Now after only a month my body is less tense, I suddenly and easily got a job after trying so hard for so many months, my father passed and I have been able to say goodbye to him. And the anxious feeling I always had has disappeared from my system. 

I always used to have this alertness. I always used to brace myself. Now I have much more energy (applying for jobs, doing my gardening, and I am asking for help). In short, a lot of flow and love has entered my life.

I tap every morning on Self-Love.

Alternately I tap on having a job and on having a relationship, I do it intuitively. I tap on everything that comes up in these topics. And I tap on feeling safe and having Self-Love, calmness, tranquillity and being good enough. Sometimes I have very long and intense tapping sessions under the shower.

I also tap as soon as I come across anything negative or heavy in myself. Especially in recent weeks during the terminal phase and when my father passed.

❤ I no longer have to brace myself in my body. The freeze I was experiencing is gone. It comes back very occasionally and then I tap out the old and tap in the new. This immediately gives me a sense of security.

I'm milder with myself. I dare to show myself. I am more real about myself.

Before I joined ‘Accelerate Your Self-Love' I had already worked so much on myself and dealt with so many layers, but I have now been handed the key. And the key is Inner Safety within me!

Now that there is Inner Safety I can finally say YES to life!

It is as if my life-force returns and it's very powerful, I have so much energy. 

I now dance through life like the happy girl-woman I always knew I was.

This is my new LIFE.


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