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What our clients say about us and our work...

They are powerful, go straight to the core, have humor and give you the right tools to keep growing

For the past months I have followed this extensive training with Briant & Jaldhara. I've been following them for a while now, but this was the first time that I really went into the deep end with them. What an experience! They are powerful, go straight to the core, have humor and give you the right tools to keep growing. I really recommend them.

Floris Moerkamp


I felt so supported in my process

Even though it was a tough journey, the personal attention of Briant and Jaldhara and their spot on questions made me go deeper. I felt so supported in my process. If you dare to be open and honest with yourself, actively participate in the program and share your experiences in the private group, I am sure that you will look at yourself completely differently at the end of the ride.

Sacha de Koning

Management Assistent

Enlightening, respectful, knowledgeable and very competent

Enlightening, healing, practical, challenging, warm, positive, witty, close by at a distance, energetic, confrontational, respectful, personal, knowledgeable, courageous, wise, loving and very competent; words that come to mind when I think of Briant & Jaldhara and their coaching. Go for this coaching if you really want to hear, see and feel it! Thank you!

Annelies van Gool

Business Consultant

Self-Love is measured by the degree of Inner Safety you experience

More fundament in myself...

The 6 month 1-to-1 coaching with Briant and Jaldhara was a great present to myself. A journey to my inner wisdom, my inner power. Warm-hearted, with a lot of respect and knowledge and experience, they guided me.

Now, I experience much more fundament in myself and I have the tools so even in difficult circumstances, I don't lose myself anymore... I can recommend this!

Katrin van de Water,

The ability to heal and help to change old dysfunctional patterns

I had the opportunity to take coaching sessions from Briant & Jaldhara. I'm a rational man and I have in no way experienced it as being vague. For me it was grounded, connected and sincere, confrontational and decisive, emotional and healing.

They are very nice and sincere people who have the ability to heal and help to change old dysfunctional patterns. It's a pleasure and an honor to know them.

Jeroen Terpstra, 

Amazing how the sessions bring feelings I never felt before

The Whisper Week of love was great! Amazing how the sessions bring feelings I never felt before. I achieved a deep level of love. I feel so much love, the channelings open my heart. The pain deep inside my heart disappeared, my solar plexus chakra is more open. 

It was a nice and very intensive week, the healings hit me. You have to experience it to feel what I am talking about. It was fantastic. I look forward to the next Whisper Week on money.

Marjan van Leeuwen

A deep change within myself

The Whisper Week of love brought me deep healing & new insights. Chakra's being opened (for the very first time ever), resonating with my ancestors. Where I truly experienced renewed & positive changes in relationships with my family. But more importantly a DEEP CHANGE WITHIN MY-SELF, more exquisite self-love. 

During the channelings I experience that the words are realy spot on and exactly what I needed at that moment. Thanks to the superb guidance by Briant & Jaldhara before the start of the week.

Yes, it was intensive, I had to take more care of my energy. I needed more time for myself. But the results are amazing! Glad & grateful for this very strong support, I will continue following the Whispers from the Holy Circle, sooo wise & pure. I highly recommend to follow the Whisper Week on money, I will attend!

Hilde Bellemans

My heart is changed from a little open too totaly open 

The  changes for me during this week were enormous. My heart has changed from a little open to totaly open. The sessions were very healing and the conversations confrontational and eye opening.

The discussions were very warm. And my view changed from an angry one to a compassionate one. It's very nice, it helped change my relation from a place where we were not speaking to each other to a warm relationship and being more open. Thank you very much.

Paula de Bruijn

Nicole Anthonio

The Whispers (healing channelings) are highly Magical and Profound...

Because the vibration of the Whispers are pure Wisdom, Truth and Knowledge energy carried out by The Light with Love, I inmediatly feel that it opens my heart, floating tru my whole Mind, Body and Being. It helps me to Awaken to my True Self.

Some parts of the Whispers resonate with what I already know/feel and therefore it confirms for me, that I'm on the right track, while other parts of the Whispers give me such profound insights, I can use in my daily life in contact with myself and others.

Reading and working with the Whispers is changing my mindset step by step and therefore the life I create for myself and touching the people around me so beautifuly and it feels like I'm surounded by the Magic of Life and Love! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! 

You will hugely increase your energy and your personal frequency by embracing your self-healing ability and your inner leadership and by making the transition from Inner Unsafety to Inner Safety, again and again