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Podcast #007: I am Love & I am Loved
5 January 2020 

Podcast #007: I am Love & I am Loved

Every healthy relationship needs Inner Safety. Only when you feel inwardly safe in your relationship you can build a strong foundation in your relationship together. That’s why we decided to share 4 podcasts with you, to help you build this relationship foundation. These podcasts are for coaches who want to help their clients build a strong relationship foundation.

In today’s podcast we talk about how the 2 mantra’s  ‘I am Love’ and ‘I am loved’ impact any love relationship

In this episode you’ll hear:

 Your beliefs about your love relationship
❥ The pattern in almost every love relationship 
 What to do to build a strong relationship foundation
 What happens when Inner Safety kicks in your love relationship
 How to deal with couples as a relationship coach 

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About the author
We are Briant [1958] & Jaldhara [1960] both Dutch. We started with personal development in our early twenties. And the inner journey we've made till so far in this lifetime, has gradually forged us into the Leaders in Inner Safety we are today. Our gift to you is our lifelong experience in facilitating the shift from Inner Unsafety to Inner Safety. In this process you will transition from Inner Turmoil to Inner Peace, from Inner Captivity to Inner Freedom and from Self-Denial to Self-Love.
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