How your Life Purpose accelerates your Self-Love
9 April 2019 

How your Life Purpose accelerates your Self-Love

You already know the importance of Self-Love when you read this.
You know the expression ‘It all starts with Self-Love' and you know that this is true.
You even have experienced it in your life.

And still you wonder: why is ‘it' not happening? Why does ‘it' take that long?

When you are on the path of Self-Love, at some point you will ask yourself this question: ‘Why is IT not happening?' You do the inner work, you have the right mindset and you are connected to the Universe. And still your level of Self-Love is not increasing and ‘it' isn't happening.

But what is ‘it'?
Is ‘it' success?
Is ‘it' money?
Is ‘it' inner peace?
Is ‘it' a deeper connection to others or to self?
Is ‘it' health?
Is ‘it' the love of your life?

What was your longing when you started on the path of Self-Love?
What was your expectation?
What did you think should happen?
What did you need?

You start on the path of Self-Love with a lack of Self-Love, with a longing for a better life. 

The waiting game

You start with Self-Love in order to receive a reward. And when there is no reward after a while, the waiting game begins. You wait till ‘it' will happen, till you get the reward.

You are now only focussed on the reward and you are less focussed on being in charge.

So when the reward is not coming on time but at the same time the longing is still there, disappointment and failure kick in.

This is the exact right moment to ask yourself; ‘What is my bigger picture, what is my life purpose?'

The change

To go to the next level of Self-Love, to go beyond these feelings of disappointment and failure you have to connect to the ‘pulling power' of your life purpose. 

We have experienced this ourselves, before we were connected to our life purpose we experienced the failure and disappointment that came with not being rewarded the way we expected and wanted. And after we connected to our life purpose that changed drastically. The moment we connected with our life purpose our waiting game was over.

So what is this ‘pulling power' of your life purpose? Your life purpose is your dot on the horizon, it's your internal and your external motivator and it's your cheerleader, all at the same time. Your life purpose is the force that makes you jump out of bed in the morning, that gives you direction, focus, motivation, courage, stamina, perseverance and it invites you and pushes you to go out of your comfort zone. When you live your life purpose, stopping is not an option.

Can you imagine that with these characteristics, your life purpose creates a natural flow of wanting to be in action? So you still have to make the effort but it doesn't feel like a burden anymore, the effort becomes almost effortless.

For many people finding their life purpose feels like an enigma. This was the same for us. That's why we like to tell you in the second part of this article, how we found our life purpose and how you can find yours too.

Finding OUR life purpose

If you do a Google-search on ‘Finding your life purpose', you will find 1000+ articles. We've done this same Google-search because we wanted to know what our life purpose was. In the majority of the articles, you will find questions to answer. And if you do answer these questions your life purpose will become clear.

We answered all these questions but still weren't able to find our life purpose and our life purpose didn't find us. In hindsight we answered all these questions from our mind while not being connected to self and source. And being connected to self and source proved to be the right state of being to receive the answer to the question; ‘What is my life purpose?'

This is how we found our life purpose:

  • We have literally begged for our life-purpose, on a beach on Crete/Greece early 2016.
  • We've then opened ourselves and surrendered to the receiving.
  • After 3 months Briant received a vision on Bali. At that time it was far too big and it was very abstract. It was a story, he couldn't yet connect with.
  • Jaldhara had resistance to the vision. It was a nice story but not for her.
  • The vision always remained in the background.
  • In the meantime we started playing with the idea.
  • We healed our limiting beliefs, our negative self-talk, our negative self-image.
  • Slowly but surely the vision became our own.
  • In the end Self-Love was the 1 remaining theme, that surfaced in our life all the time.
  • Eventually the theme Self-Love became inevitable.
  • And suddenly we became and we lived our life purpose. First to ourselves and little by little to the outside world.
  • One step further, we started offering programs that were aligned with our life purpose.
  • Another step further, Self-Love became more complete when Self-Healing Ability and Autonomy were added.
  • Our life purpose became true for Jaldhara the minute they were added.
  • At that moment it also became clear to us how we had to approach the big theme of Self-Love. We had to merge our personal knowledge and our therapeutic skills with these 3 themes, Self-Love, Self-Healing Ability and Autonomy, to work specifically in the emotional undercurrent to help people regain their inner safety and inner freedom.
  • We had to grow into it until we could fill it with our being
  • That was the moment it merged with our DNA
  • And from that moment onward we didn't question it anymore
  • WE ARE IT: We [re]connect millions of people with their Self-Love, their Self-Healing ability and their Autonomy every day.

This is our inner journey.
It took us 3 years to grow into it, before it fully merged with our DNA.

Your own inner journey towards your own life purpose will be totally different. Of course, because you are different from us. And in the meantime you can take your lessons from us. You don't have to be frustrated if you can't find your life purpose with your mind.

Finding YOUR life purpose

That's why we love to give you the following 8-step overview. It would have helped us if we had known these steps.

  1. Ask yourself this first, am I able, ready and willing to live my life purpose, no matter the consequences?
  2. If you say YES, connect with the Universe and ask very explicitly to help you find your life purpose.
  3. Be open to what you receive, don't put a time stamp nor an expectation on receiving the answer.
  4. Accept what you receive, even if you don't understand it at first, take it on face value.
  5. Write your life purpose down on paper, in your own words and start to meditate on it, allow it to grow on you.
  6. Do the inner work: Heal your blockages, your limiting beliefs, your negative self-talk and your negative self-images that keep you away from accepting and living your life purpose.
  7. Do the outer work. Do the necessary actions so your life purpose can unfold and manifest itself in the world.
  8. Take your time! It takes time to align with your life purpose and it takes time for your life purpose to align with you.

Grow into it.
Talk about it, play with it, hone it… until it fits into your being and fully merges with your DNA.

life purpose

The journey goes on

To grow into your life purpose is an inner journey and this journey is ongoing. In this inner journey you will be challenged to hone your life purpose.

In every phase of your inner journey you have to connect and to reconnect with your life purpose. The ultimate reward of living your life purpose is the journey itself while living a fulfilled life [mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually].


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