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high end coaching voor de ambitieuze zakenvrouw die voor alles en iedereen zorgt maar zichzelf vergeet.

Because 'having liberty' and 'feeling free' are not the same

high end coaching for the Ambitious Businesswoman who takes care of everything & everyone but herself 

high end coaching voor de ambitieuze zakenvrouw die voor alles en iedereen zorgt maar zichzelf vergeet.

Because 'having liberty' and 'feeling free' are not the same

high end coaching for the Ambitious Businesswoman who takes care of everything & everyone but herself

Real freedom is the balance between outer & inner freedom  

Do you recognize yourself in the Ambitious Businesswoman who takes care of everything and everyone but forgets herself? When we had a successful company with 100 employees, that was the biggest challenge, to not forget ourselves. Financially we had every liberty but emotionally we did not experience inner freedom at all. We totally lived for our company, the company we loved so much and had put so much energy into to make it a success. In the end the success we were so committed to did cost us our business.

If we look back on that period in our life, we have now learned what we didn't know and couldn't do at the time. We have learned to take care of ourselves. We have learned that there is a state of being called inner freedom and we have learned what it is. We have learned that we are only truly free when our outer freedom and our inner freedom are in balance.

We have learned how to say goodbye to guilt, to shame, to feeling small, to feeling dependent, to constantly feeling inadequate, to constantly trying our best to please others, all at our own expense. We've learned to appreciate ourselves, to empower ourselves, to accept ourselves and to love ourselves. Today we stand in our autonomous power position. And we are truly inwardly free and able to take care of ourselves emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. Today we teach exactly that to you dear business woman.

Let us introduce ourselves to you

We are Briant [1958] & Jaldhara [1960]. Personal development is an ever present part of our life and starts when we are in our early 20's. We both worked in healthcare as sociotherapists, later we owned a nation wide temp agency in healthcare. After leaving our company, we became business- and private coaches.

Over the past 40 years, we have personally and professionally honed our zone of genius of understanding, interpreting and transforming human behavior. Today, we guide the ambitious business woman on her personal journey to Inner Freedom.

Since 2014 we travel the world and live and work location independent [at the moment we live in Bali]. Online coaching has really taken off because of Corona, we ourselves are coaching online since 2014, to the pleasure and great satisfaction of our customers. 

Let us inspire you 

200e podcast B&J


In this pic, we are celebrating podcast #200! With our podcasts we want to add value to your life and contribute to your happiness. We are convinced that when you regularly listen to our podcasts, you will gain more insight into your personal path to Inner Freedom. And that is exactly why we podcast every working day. *Available in Dutch only



Do you like to listen, do you like to watch or do you like to read? It doesn't matter, it's just like with ice cream, we have multiple flavors for you, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and you can choose and mix to your liking. In addition to our daily podcast, you will find many inspiring and educational videos on our YouTube* channel. *Available in Dutch & English


Our blog completes the trio of listening, watching & reading. There is something here for everyone. From 2017 to 2020 we worked in English, so you will find many English blog-posts* to challenge and inspire you. In early 2021 we switched to blogging in Dutch. Expressing our work  in our mother tongue simply works better for us. *Available In Dutch & English

1-on-1 Online Freedom Coaching

Actually, the title of this item should be '2-on-1 coaching' because we always coach you with the 2 of us. We are therapeutic coaches because we work at the crossroad of coaching and therapy. We work with you on the level of your physiology, your cell memory, that's where we need to be to really make a difference. That's where your inner freedom and your growth are trapped. This isn't the layer where you learn to explain and understand it with your mind, this is the layer where you learn to experience and feel it and where you learn to see, and above all, learn to solve what stands in the way of your true freedom.

Over the past 40 years, we have personally and professionally become experts in understanding, interpreting and transforming human behavior. That is why the 100's of women and sometimes men who have worked with us before you, can agree that we offer you a safe holding space in which you can Liberate your Self *.

Book your on-the-house FREEDOM call below to find out how we can contribute to your life too. * Available in Dutch & English. 

People who have worked with us say this about our coaching:

Katrin van de Water
The 1-on-1 coaching trajectory with Briant and Jaldhara was a great present to myself. A journey to my inner wisdom and my inner power. Warm-hearted, with a lot of respect, knowledge and experience, they guided me. Now, I experience much more connection with my base and I have the right tools, so even in difficult circumstances, I don't lose myself anymore... I highly recommend this! 
Katrin Van de Water - Entrepreneur  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Jeroen Terpstra
I had the opportunity to take coaching sessions from Briant & Jaldhara. I'm a rational man and I have in no way experienced it as being vague. For me it was grounded, connected and sincere, confrontational and decisive, emotional and healing. They are very nice and sincere people who have the ability to heal and help to change old dysfunctional patterns. It's a pleasure and an honor to know them.
Jeroen Terpstra - Psychiatrist  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️      
Enlightening, healing, practical, challenging, warm, positive, witty, close by at a distance, energetic, confrontational, respectful, personal, knowledgeable, courageous, wise, loving and very competent; words that come to mind when I think of Briant & Jaldhara and their coaching. Go for this coaching if you really want to hear, see and feel it! Thank you!
Annelies van Gool - Business Consultant  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
For the past months I have followed this extensive coaching with Briant & Jaldhara. I've been following them for a while now, but this was the first time that I really went into the deep end with them. What an experience! They are powerful, go straight to the core, have humor and give you the right tools to keep growing. I really recommend them. 
Floris Moerkamp - Connector  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Don't wait, book your free

Don't wait, book your free