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The Healy is NOT a 'Magical Pill'

The Healy is NOT a 'Magical Pill'

Do you have a Healy, then read this blog. Chances are that it will change your whole perspective on healing yourself with the Healy.

This blog is also written in Dutch. You can read it HERE.

You can get disappointed in your Healy when you treat it as your magic pill

The biggest misconception is that the Healy is a quick fix for all your physical, emotional and mental issues. While you’ve had some of these issues your whole life.

Of course, YOU don’t think that

But then again why do we read that people are disappointed with their Healy because it doesn’t do much for them after just running 1 program or even after only running programs for 1, 2, 3 or even 4 weeks.

Let’s start with saying that it’s possible to get rid of your muscle pain after a workout by just running 1 program. It’s possible to get rid of an allergic reaction by just running 1 program. It’s possible to get rid of your headache by running just 1 program. It’s possible because it happens all the time.

You can read in the reviews that it’s possible. People love to share these kinds of experiences with the Healy because it often feels like a miracle. And in our opinion it is a miracle!

So, what you read is true. The Healy transmits frequencies and microcurrents in a way that can solve your issue in just 1 time.

But remember, this is not a quick fix, it’s not a pill. It’s just how frequencies and microcurrents work.

But… what if it doesn’t work that way? What if your headache, your muscle pain, your allergic reaction, etc. isn’t solved after running 1 program?

What if something else needs attention first?

What if your body needs to get ‘ready’ for the individual programs first? What if you have a build up of toxins that your body needs to get rid of first. Or what if specific organs need healing or detoxification or deacidification first or your meridians need calibration first before you can get rid of your headache or your migraine by just running 1 program?

Or what if something in your emotional undercurrent needs attention first? Something you don’t know or you don’t recognize.

What if your illness or physical problem is related to your emotional state. For instance, a regular headache can be the result of a lot of worrying, self-doubt or overthinking your problems.

Do a search on Google ‘what is the spiritual meaning of [name illness/condition]’ and you will get insight in the emotional and mental undercurrent of your issue. When you read it don’t judge it, just feel if it somehow resonates with you. And if it doesn’t, don’t worry about it.

Maybe, you dismiss it as not being true; ‘this is not what’s going on in my life’ AND at the same time you feel it resonates. That’s the moment the information mirrors something to you that has probably impacted you your whole life.

If your headache stems from worrying or self-doubt, don’t expect the Healy to fix your headache after running just 1 program. This is when you need to focus on you worrying so much and run programs to get rid of your stress and your anxiety, and neutralize your charged emotions first. Or maybe you need to focus on programs that boost your self-confidence and self-love in order to get rid of your self-doubt. By running ‘Mental Balance’ programs for instance.

Embrace the possibility that something else is going on in your undercurrent

When you embrace the possibility that something else is going on in your undercurrent, you stop treating the Healy as a miracle pill. Instead you’ll start to work with the Healy and make use of it’s full potential, and in the process you will get to know yourself better and get more insight in your own undercurrent, only to become a better version of yourself, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Although we are therapeutic coaches and work in the emotional undercurrent with our clients, the Healy has already surprised us several times by showing us issues that were going on in our own undercurrent. Issues we weren’t aware of before.

Because of this the Healy is quickly becoming an incredible Self-Healing tool in our life and in the life of our clients.

We wish you the same!

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We are Briant [1958] & Jaldhara [1960] both Dutch. We started with personal development in our early twenties. And the inner journey we've made till so far in this lifetime, has gradually forged us into the Leaders in Inner Safety we are today. Our gift to you is our lifelong experience in facilitating the shift from Inner Unsafety to Inner Safety. In this process you will transition from Inner Turmoil to Inner Peace, from Inner Captivity to Inner Freedom and from Self-Denial to Self-Love.
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