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The #1 reason why Inner Child Healing will change your life forever...

'when I felt this much Inner Freedom for the 1st time I knew this was something BIG'

All my life I have been very sensitive to what others said, did, felt and thought. It resulted in me often feeling as if I had no I. I wasn’t able to keep emotions of others outside of me. This often resulted in me drowning in emotions and feelings that weren't mine.

When I discovered Inner Child Healing this totally changed. I found out that as a child I had been exposed to so many unsafe situations that I had learned to forget to focus on myself. I focused on others instead, this kept me safe and in control. Little did I know that I was, in fact, doing the total opposite. All I was doing was reinforce the feeling of not being and feeling safe. 

All this and more can be yours through the amazing power of Inner Child Healing

Through Inner Child Healing I was able to see my dysfunctional patterns and to turn them around completely. The more I started to feel safe within myself the more my survival strategy changed from focusing on others to focusing on myself. With it came inner peace, self-confidence, assertiveness, being able to say no, being able to set healthy boundaries, self-respect, and self-love. But most of all it gave me a lot of inner freedom. Years of stress and having to be in control have fallen off of me.

And the good news is that this amazing power of Inner Child Healing is available to you now 

  • Clear your life long limiting beliefs, blockages and dysfunctional patterns where it counts most, at its roots
  • Imagine having deep inner peace and inner calm without having these old feelings of stress or disconnectedness
  • Discover like thousands of others before you did how this easy to learn technique will change your life forever
  • Meet your own Inner Child, the younger you, and learn how to work together as a winning team
  • If you've heard positive things about Inner Child Healing this is your chance to finally find out for yourself

They give you surprising insights and tools to live your life the way you want

Paula Willers

Healing, practical, challenging, warm, positive, respectful, knowledgeable, wise, loving and very competent

Annelies van Gool

They will help you heal and change your life long dysfunctional patterns

Jeroen Terpstra

I'm sure you will look at yourself totally different at the end of the ride

Sacha de Koning


What you will receive...

We have recorded these powerful audio and video sessions for you with many instructive Q&A sessions where we coach on the spot. Overall we have packed this unique training with knowledge, exercises, meditations, live questions, answers and many how to's.

This is a very practical training, it is designed to teach you everything you need to know to effectively Heal and Work with your Inner Child. 

All your questions answered

Originally we did this training as an Inner Child Healing Master-class-series in our online community. Where members asked us live questions after working with this material. We made mp3's for you with every single question & answer and we included them in this powerful training. We want to make absolutely sure that you receive all the extra value and insights available in this master-class-series. 

What is the most important thing 

you will learn?

Many people think they know Inner Child Healing because it is used so often. What is different about this training is that you will learn to access the memory bank of your Inner Child the right way. That is why in this training you will learn to heal on a much deeper level. And that is so important because simply just reliving your childhood memories will not bring you the healing that you are looking and hoping for. 

The birth of a winning team for life

After meeting your Inner child on a deeper level for the first time. After gaining its trust by letting it guide you. After learning to respect its boundaries that have been violated so often in so many ways. At the end of this training, you will celebrate & enjoy the winning team that is born for life. Because not only have you learned how to work as a team but you've also discovered the BIG mysteries and secrets of Inner Child Healing.

Once you know how to do it.....

You can't remember now but once upon a time you learned how to walk and it's a skill that stays with you for life. You can never unlearn how to walk. The same goes for Inner Child Healing it's a skill that will stay with you for life. Unlike many other new skills that you learn but that you forget about after a while. You'll keep coming back to Inner Child Healing all your life because your Inner Child is such an important part of you.

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This training will change you forever.

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  • We are Briant [1958] & Jaldhara [1960], both Dutch

    We started on the path of self-development and self-exploration when we were still teenagers. And when we met each other back in 1995 we soon found out that our lives had many more parallels. Throughout the years we have developed and mastered our psychotherapeutic skills, carrying a vast amount of experience between the two of us. 

    Individually we've been walking this path for 40+ years now. And even though we work with a variety of Healing Modalities, online as well as offline, Inner Child Healing is close to both our hearts because it's so intimate and personal. 

    During this intimate & intense journey your Inner Child and you will make together, your Inner Child will learn to love itself. And during that amazing journey you will learn to Love yourself at the same time.

    Get instant access now...

    This training will change you forever. Are you ready to meet your best friend for life?
    Learn how to be your own best friend and discover why being YOU is so amazing.