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Thought Field Therapy – TFT

Thought Field Therapy – TFT

TFT is a self-help healing modality that uses tapping with your own fingers on specific meridian points on your body, in specific patterns. It also uses breathing, eye movement desensitization and humming sounds while tapping on specific meridian points simultaneously.

TFT releases traumatic and charged emotional memories, mental memories, physical memories and cell-memories. It’s known to cure PTSD, anxiety disorders, addiction, stress, depression and many other mental and emotional dysfunctionalities.

We love to work with TFT because it’s an important and very useful tool that instantly brings relief, it also very empowering and emancipating because it’s a very practical tool that can be learned and used by everyone. The TFT tapping process is silent; there are no set-up statements, words, sentences or affirmations used.

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