Contrast sharpens focus on Self-Love
22 June 2019 

Contrast sharpens focus on Self-Love

I heard the first time about ‘contrast' when I listened to a talk of Esther and Abraham Hicks. It's years ago and I didn't understand anything about it. Yes, I heard the words but had no clue what it meant? After the talk, I opened Facebook and there it was: everybody on my timeline admired the talks of Esther and Abraham Hicks.

And I wondered ‘do they all understand the phenomenon of contrast?' It looks like it but I can't say they do for sure, because I myself don't. Until January 2019, this is when I experienced contrast myself, for the first time in my life. Let me share my personal story with you.

My personal story

It's halfway January 2019 and I have already been tapping on the Self-Love DNA for the last 3 weeks. Maybe you've already heard the story behind the Self-Love DNA but in short it's this: We designed our very first DNA in 2009. Ten years later, in October 2019 we finished our e-book ‘How to live the life you love', in this e-book we describe the R.A.D.I.C.A.L. Self-Love Method. And Just after X-mas 2019 we received the download for the new Self-Love DNA based on the R.A.D.I.C.A.L. Self-Love Method.

We received the download and we got the information about how to work with it from our Spiritual Helpers. And with this information, we first started to work with the Self-Love DNA ourselves. How can we teach about it if we don't walk the talk? At least we can't.

After 2-3 weeks tapping on the Self-Love DNA, I start to feel different. I start to experience more space in my body and I experience more inner safety. I also start to experience that I have more courage to not only look at but also to admit to myself what is real and not real in my life. I don't only tap in (on the Self-Love DNA), I also tap out on my negative self-talk, my negative self-image and my unhealed shit of the past.

The tapping in on the Self-Love DNA expands my feeling of inner safety and the tapping out on all the unhealed material expands the feeling of inner safety too. These two movements (tapping in and tapping out) build on and enhance each other, it's really 1+1=3.

From this place of feeling inwardly safe, my whole perception of my unhealed shit changes. I dare to see, more than ever, what isn't working in my life. And not only that, I want to change it too. If it isn't working then it's time to change it. I feel inwardly safe and so I can handle this! And when I don't feel inwardly safe I know now what to do to make the transition from feeling inwardly unsafe to feeling inwardly safe.

And this is what I do since January 2019. Every day I consciously make the transition from feeling inwardly unsafe to feeling inwardly safe. Can you imagine if you would do the same? What would be different in your life from now on, what would change?

Yesterday morning we walked on the beach here in Bali. We do that at least 5 times a week. We wake up at 5 am, we work till 8 am and then we hop on our motorbike and drive to the beach. We love it. We enjoy the walk, we enjoy the sun and the waves and we have inspiring conversations. Yesterday we didn't.

jaldhara-groeneveldI asked Briant ‘What are you ready for today?' I wondered what he would let go of and/or what he would grab tight this day. I was not only curious about what he would say, but I was also curious about what my own answer would be. I always ask questions to others I never know the answer to myself. This is how I challenge others but also myself. I love it.

Briant's answer was: I don't like the way you ask this question. Huh… It was just a normal question. But I know Briant, when he doesn't like the question, he will not answer it. So I kept quiet for a couple of minutes. I got angry (inside) at him. It wasn't my intention to upset him. My intention was to clarify the expression ‘you are ready when you are ready' in our own life.

We now walked in silence. I felt inwardly unsafe and I decided to let go of this feeling. How? I started to tap while walking on the beach. I tapped out on my feeling of unsafety when I got the insight: It is totally okay that I ask a clarifying question (it's my talent) and it's totally okay to say 'no' to Briant's irritation about my question.

By tapping I restored my feeling of inner safety. And I restored the connection with myself and with Briant.

Insight about contrast

Yesterday's incident gave me a huge insight today about the phenomenon of Contrast.

Esther Hicks explains it very well. The moment you experience contrast you already are in the reality of the new. Why? Because you can only experience contrast when you know both sides very well. For instance, you are at this moment feeling inwardly unsafe and you really don't like that because you know how it feels to be inwardly safe.

By the way, you can't experience contrast on the level of the mind. No way, you have to experience contrast on a physiological level because your body memory, your cell memory, will remember the contrast.

This is what happened in the last 6 months. For the first time I became aware of the contrast. And this is why yesterday on the beach I chose to make the transition from feeling inwardly unsafe to inwardly safe, straight away. Because on a deeper level I know the many benefits I experience when I feel inwardly safe. And I know how it feels when I reconnect with my Self-Love, my Self-Healing ability, and my Autonomy.

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