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What’s in the Space?

What’s in the Space?

What’s in the Space?
Was ist im Raum?

What is in the Space is a very, very, very good question
To make you aware of the fact that you are not just merely living your life
There are many things going on in your life, many processes
And there are many processes which are going on unconsciously
You are at some stage in your life being put into gear, into a groove, into a mode
And then you live your life automatically, on automatic pilot
Lots and lots of processes within you,
within the way you speak
the way you think, the way you smile, the way you smell,
the way you dress, the way you study, the way you love

Many, many ways, the art you like, the books you read,
are derived from a process that started much earlier
And so you are in many ways living in a groove
I like this, I don’t like that
I like that, I don’t like this
All that can be changed
You do not HAVE to like peanut butter all your life

You do not have to like Van Gogh all your life
You do not have to like red roses all your life
You can change and alter at any moment
What it needs for you to do is to become still
Go into a meditative state

And picture this red rose in you mind, in your minds eye
See the red rose
FEEL the nature of the red rose
Even smell the red rose
And slowly let the red rose convey it’s true nature to you
for yes, the red rose is a flower
a beautiful flower with a lovely scent

And yes it has been used for false romance
and for Valentines Day and for many, many occasions
That are called love but are truly not
So love, plastic love, bogus love and red roses have been connected

And yet, the red rose on it’s own
has got nothing to do with fake and phony and empty love
It’s a flower, a beautiful flower, it’s a very gracious flower

So if you can separate all the other images from the rose
then the rose on its own will convey it’s true nature to you
and you might be surprised, you might start to like the rose
because a rose, is a rose, is a rose
is a beautiful flower with a nice scent
And there are not only red roses
there are yellow roses, white roses, pink roses, mixed coloured roses
there are many, many, many roses
and they all have a different scent and a different nature
and a different feel and a different look

And this is the same with Art or Music
You think you know Bach
You think you know Mozart
You think you know Tchaikovsky
And you do not like them
You don’t like classical music
Maybe so

But the minute you TRULY connect with the nature
of what the musician was all about
His true essence
and what he tried to convey through his music
And again, you would listen to this music in a meditative state
and you let the music talk to you, speak to you
You might be surprised
because music is emotion
Music is expression
And maybe these emotions are too big for you
or too heavy or too subtle
this might be so

But then you might learn something about subtle emotion
or you might learn something about heavy emotion
bottom line is, nothing is what it seems
and nothing you think what it is, is what it is
Most of the time you project your own opinion upon somebody, something

Music, Art, Food, People, whatever, landscapes, countries
You project your own opinion
But it’s only your opinion
It doesn’t necessarily have to be so
It might be totally different, even for you

So I invite you to take today one thing you dislike
A person or a piece of music or a painting style even
And really close your eyes and go into that what you do not like
what you’re saying you do not like and go into it
and try to connect with the essence
with the nature of that object or person or subject
and once you connect with the essence
let the essence talk to you
and see if that gives new information
new insights, new colours, new landscapes, new information
try it as an experiment
bottom line is, nothing is what it seems, nothing
and most of the time it is only your opinion
and there is nothing wrong with your opinion
but it is only your opinion
and it doesn’t have to be ironclad for the rest of your life
you can change your opinion
you can change your view
you can change your opinion about somebody, something, yes

and today I invite you to do just that
and try it for the rest of your life
each day change or test, maybe not even change, first of all test 1 opinion
and ask yourself is it reality, is it true, or is it my opinion?
and if it’s my opinion do I allow myself to change my opinion?
to broaden my view, to change my view, to change my feeling
to broaden my feeling, to deepen my feeling
because this is what will happen
you will broaden your views, you will broaden your feelings
You will train yourself to be receptive and open in the now
to new things, to the essence of things

Opinion is an illusion and it is not what it seems
It’s only your opinion

This was my message

The MANTRA for today is:

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