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Today I would like to ask you the question
And I want to talk to you about
'What is it that is holding you back?'

For many of you have this feeling:
'Something is holding me back'
Two steps forward, three steps backwards
Many people have this experience in their life
As if something is pulling them back all the time

And for many of you this is true
It is not only a feeling
It is truly an energy
And today I would like to talk to you about that
I would like to explain what it is that is holding you back
For yes, something is holding you back
This is true

If you have this feeling
And no matter what you try
No matter what you do
You do not succeed
Or you do not succeed in that particular area
Where you want to succeed
It is true, something is pulling you back
And it’s easy; it is always in the past
In the now, not
In the future, not
Always in the past

So parts of you are connected to the past
And often these are unhealed layers within you
Unhealed memories
Unhealed feelings
That are lingering within your emotional layers
That are lingering there and are still taking away energy
On an unconscious level they take away energy from you
And the only thing you have to do is
Go inside and heal those layers

So whenever you have the feeling that you are being pulled back
Or maybe for you it appears as if there is a rubber wall in front of you
That bounces you back
That can also be the case
Some people have a pulling feeling
Some people have the feeling
They cannot get through the rubber wall
It’s the same
It is in your past

And if it is not in you
In your unhealed layers
In your unhealed emotions
Then it is in the unhealed emotions of your family
Your ancestors
Then it is systemic

And you can heal that by doing systemic constellation work
It’s a technique
Look it up on the internet you will find information
Educate yourself and you will learn
And you will know
And if it is not systemic, it is in you
So you can heal it within you

And how do you do it
We strongly recommend
You go inside by closing your eyes
By meditating
By connecting with those layers that are unhealed

And we call this your inner child layers
Because truly there are emotions there
that you experienced as a child
So, you now being adult
You, reconnect with the child
And by reconnecting with the child
Healing those old emotions that are still lingering
And taking away energy

By healing those emotions
You heal yourself
And you free yourself
And this pulling energy will become less and less and less

The more you heal yourself
The more you will become free in the now
For truly the only time, there is, is now
But for you, in order to live in the now
You have to make peace with the past
You have to heal the past
And once the past is healed
Yes, there is only NOW
And then you can walk forward
And there will be no more pulling back
Because it will not only give you freedom
It will also give you autonomy

We speak about autonomy a lot
Autonomy is where you are truly in control of your destiny
And you are really able to be the co-creator of your life
Together with the laws of the Universe
And that is what we wish for you
That you are free
And you are free to co-create your life
With the laws of the Universe
With the forces
The loving forces of love and light in the universe
For there are many many many forces that love you
And only want the best for you
And the more you heal yourself
The more you free yourself, inwardly
The more free your life will become, outwardly
As a reflection of your inner

And we wish this for you
It is possible
Many people have done it before you
Have attained this freedom
And you can do it as well
Anybody can do it
Anybody, no matter what you went through
No matter what happened to you in the past
You can heal yourself
And you can free yourself
And this is what we truly wish for you

This was my message


Copyright © 2018 Channeled by Briant&Jaldhara – All Rights Reserved

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