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What keeps you from shining?

What keeps you from shining?

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The word shining
If I could only shine like a diamond
I would be successful
I would be loved
I would be great
But where does the origin of that shining capacity truly comes from?
For a few of you, very few of you
It is inherited
It is almost in the DNA
You came onto this world shining
And you have not lost that spark
And now you are still shining
This is a form of shining that we see
It’s rare but we can see it
But let’s today not talk about that kind of shining

Today we would like to talk about
The people that conquered the shining upon themselves
And what do we mean by that
The majority of us come out of our upbringing wounded
In some sort or some form
There have been lack, denial, longing
Many have not had the feeling of being recognized
Being seen for who they are
And the brave ones that go inside and heal those layers
Those painful layers of shortage
Of lack
Of anger
Of sadness
Of pain
These people conquer themselves upon themselves

And this means they now become mature
But not so much in age but mature in their feelings
In their emotions
Instead of being sucked back to the longing emotions of the child
They have mature grown up emotions
Of people who are autonomous
Standing in their own grown-up emotions
Leaders over their own lives
Leaders over their own emotions
And not willfully through the mind
Forced, no
Because they have gone through their emotions
And they transformed their emotions
From incomplete wounded childhood emotions
Into grown-up emotions
So they have a lot of choices
How do I respond to this?
How do I want to respond to this?
How do I want to feel about this?
How do I need to feel about this?
They are not so much sucked in by their emotions
But they are governors of their emotions

And this is where shining begins
Shining begins from you being whole
And you being autonomous
And you being a leader in your own life
But again
Not willfully and forcefully concocted from the mind
No, it emanates from the inside
From a maturity
A wisdom of feeling
A richness
A development
An exploration of self

And you will see a lot of these people will started to shine
The minute they hook up with what we call the life purpose
Where they find a way to express that aspect of their soul
That means to be brought into expiration
In this lifetime
So where they truly start to live their original me
Their original soul aspect in this life
The minute that happens
You will see that the shining truly comes through
It will start to emanate from them

And of course
These people go through emotions like we all do
They are tired sometimes
They are disappointed sometimes
They will be sad or angry sometimes
Like you humans do

But they will not lose track
And will not lose sight of where they want to go
And how they want to reach that goal
And you will see them shine more often
Than you will see them being disappointed
Or being tired

And this is the shining we talk about
And what keeps you from shining
Is that you are not willing
Because it starts with willingness
That you are not willing to make that journey into your self
That you are not willing to go inside and say
Whatever is there that is unhealed
I am willing to heal that
And if I can’t do it by myself
I will look for support
I will look for professional help
But I intend to heal myself

This is where it all starts
The intention of you wanting to heal yourself
And once you are there
Everything else will follow and fall into place
All you have to do is keep on walking
And keep on going
And keep on moving
And once you have made that decision
The universe will conspire with you
For we applaud this
We applaud that you start finding YOU
And that you are starting to live your true life purpose
We applaud this
We wish this for humankind
For all of you
For we love you

This was our message
Thank you

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