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What is your reality?

What is your reality?

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Today I would like to talk to you about
For many of you tend to shy away from reality
Their own reality

Within you there is a basic truth
Of who you are
And what you are
This is your Essence

And many of you tend to seek or tend to pursue
Something that is fake
That is a romantic fantasy
Many of you lack love in their life
They are waiting or looking for the right one
The most precious
The most beautiful
The most luscious
The most kind
The most sexy
The most beautiful man or woman
That has ever walked this earth

Many of you lose themselves in that fantasy
And they fantasize
For that person
Or that feeling of being loved is lacking in their life
And this fantasy will only bring you rejection and disappointment
For it is a fantasy
It is not real

For if you have an issue with love in your life
Then the only way to solve it
Is to go inside and see what is there
What has been hurt?
What has been neglected?
What has been damaged?
If love is an issue in your life
If you don’t love yourself
If people do not love you
If you do not feel being loved
Then you have to go inside heal it
The answer will never be outside of you
That whole romantic fantasy
Of this white prince
This beautiful prince on a white horse
It does not exist
Or the beautiful queen on a white horse
She does not exist
Of course there is somebody out there
Who once you meet each other
Will be madly in love with you
And you will be madly in love with him or her
Of course, this happens

But the solution for struggling with love
Starts with you
Is inside of you
So go inside and start to look at what is hurting
What is painful
What is missing
What is lonely
What is broken
This is what I call reality
Face that reality

Inside of me there is pain
Inside of me there is a longing
Inside of me there is an aching, so bad
And how did it get there?
When did this start?
It was not there just from one day to another
Suddenly there, no
It started somewhere
Something happened to you
And this is the reflection or the mirror
Of that what has happened to you
And if you heal that
You bring peace and calm to yourself
Your bring peace and calm into your life
And the whole issue you have with love
Will slowly heal and resolve
And you will be ready and prepared to meet your prince
Or to meet your princess

And actually, only then is there a chance for it to succeed
For if you are broken
If you are not whole
If you are in pain
Then you are asking the other one
Please fix this for me
And you give the other one a task so big
It will kill the love
For the love is not big enough to heal all that
The only one that can truly heal You is you
The rate of success is very high if you start to heal you

And once you are healed
And you meet the other one from a healed position
From a healed state of being
There is a far better chance for it to succeed
For your love to succeed
Your love for each other

So, of course it’s nice to fantasize
And it’s nice to have a romantic fantasy
But if it is to avoid pain
And that is what it is
It is always there because you are avoiding pain
Instead of running away from the pain
Run towards the pain
Look at it
Heal it

And if you don’t know what your pain is
If you are not aware of your pain
You can ask us
Help me, please help me to see my pain
And please help me to heal my pain
And we will
If you ask us
We will
Make us aware of the fact that you want help
That you want to be helped
And that you want to be healed
And we will come
And we will start to help you and heal you
Give it time
Ask us time and time again
And we will work for you

Let there be love in your life
A lot of love
Healed love
This is what we wish for you

This was my message
Thank you

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