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What is Shining?

What is Shining?

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Today I would like to answer the question, what is shining?
For many of you talk about shining
Let’s shine

It’s very popular
The word shining
And what exactly is it?
Let us explain

Shining is a direct result from
Standing in your power
Standing in your light
And being free
Inwardly free
And for some that ability comes naturally
They radiate a certain vibration
They radiate light
They radiate love
They radiate electricity

And yet many of these people
Also have a very tragic streak in them
The shining that we talk about here is
The shining that you as a human
Have conquered upon yourself
And what do we mean by that
Many of you come out of your childhood
And your adolescent-hood wounded
Emotionally wounded
With baggage, emotional baggage
With wounded layers
Where you have hurtful memories
Where you have streaks of not loving yourself
Where your light has been dimmed
By incidents
By others
By experiences
For many of you

This is reality
And all that emotional baggage
Prevents you from truly shining

Now, if you heal all that
If you work through that
If you go back to the painful moments
The painful situations
And you relive them in the now
And by doing so
You heal them
You will free up energy inside of you
Energy that is now frozen or clouded
Obscured by self-hatred
Or by simply wounded memory
All these aspects prevent you from shining

And if you heal those emotions, deliberately
You free up light and energy inside of you
Energy that now goes to the sucking energy of the memory
There is no other way we can describe this
Because emotional wounding is a life sucker
It drains energy from you
It drains light from you in the now

And after you have healed that
You will free up happiness
You will free up lightness
You will free up light
And you will become more whole
More you
So, your capacity to be you
To fully be you
Widens and broadens

And the more you do this
The more you free yourself inwardly
The more you become autonomous
The more you become authentic
The more you become you
The original you, free
The more you will shine
And this is the shining we mean
It is not the superficial shining of
Always smiling and always being happy
Because that is…
It might be true
You might be having a lot of happiness inside of you
You might be having a lot of freedom inside of you
Luckily, some of you do

But there is always this dark streak in you
This painful streak
And as long as you do not heal that
That true happiness, all along the way
Will not come through
Will not emanate from you
Will not ooze from your cells

So, to truly rid yourself
And clean your energy field
Of all wounding
And self-hatred
Frees you up and makes you truly shine
You will get the ability to truly shine
And this is what we mean by shining
This is what shining truly is
The original you
Living your life purpose
Fully in the now
Fully being freed from
That what keeps you in the past
Consciously or unconsciously
For a lot of people this is a very unconscious process
They will say, no, I live in the now
I am totally free
While this is not true

If you would be truly free
You would naturally shine
And this is what we wish for you
To free yourself from baggage of the past
And truly be You in the now.

This was our message
Thank you

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