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Today I would like to talk to you
About a paradox present in your reality
For waiting for the right moment
Is something people do

People are waiting for the right moment
And the right moment happens on two levels
One level is the level of excuses
You often hear people say
Oh, no, no, no, this is not the right moment
I am waiting for the right moment
While in reality
All they are truly saying is
I am afraid to do it now
I am scared for the consequences
I am scared that it goes wrong
So people postpone and say
It is not the right moment

But of course it is the right moment
All you have to do is
Step out of the bus stand
And do it
You know, all you have to do is take one step forward
And just go and do it
Because the right moment, in that case
The right moment is here and now
And all you are doing is postponing
And it’s just a lousy excuse you are using
You say nah, it’s not the right moment
But if you are really really honest
There is nothing stopping you
All you have to do is do it
For the only one stopping you
Is you stopping your self

Now, that is one level of waiting for the right moment
And then there is a whole different reality
That is, you could call that a cosmic reality
There is a right moment for everything
And by divine guidance
That moment will come into your life
And if it’s too early
The moment will not come
The moment will not manifest itself
So you are trying
And trying
And trying
And it doesn’t work
It doesn’t happen
No matter how hard you push
No matter how hard you try
No matter whether you give it your all or not
It just does not happen
The doors do not open up

Why, because it is not the right moment
You have not grown enough
You have not ripened enough
You have not gained enough experience
You have not gained enough knowledge
So you are being worked upon by us

And then finally
After you have come to full gestation
Now it is time for you to go to the next phase
And now the right moment has come
And now everything goes your way
Two totally different realms
Two totally different realities
So the one is when you are stopping yourself
And all you have to do is do it
And the other reality is
Us preparing you for the task ahead
And as long as we are not done preparing you
As long as you are not done being prepared
It will not happen
It will not materialize
It will not come into existence

And for you as a human
To know the difference between the two
Is truly intuition and wisdom
And those who are used to working with us
On a daily basis or often
And those who are used to working with us
Spiritual helpers
You will more and more Know and feel and see
The difference between one reality and the other reality
And you might even asks us
What is happening here?
Am I just postponing?
Am I just being scared and having excuses?
Or, what is happening here
Am I being prepared and am I just not ready yet

And if you asks us
And if you want to know the truth
We will tell you
We will say no
This is just you being lazy
Or being scared
Or being stupid
So just go and do it
Or no, listen
This is us preparing something for you
Preparing a bigger, greater, better reality for you
And be patient, it will come in due time
And you will know when the time has come
Because we will let you know
Or suddenly it’s there and then you are there
And then you know

The minute you can distinguish between those two truths
You have gained a level of wisdom that benefits you
And we wish that for you
So listen closely to your reality
Listen closely
And watch closely
And watch and learn what is what
And what is true now
Am I just being lazy
Or postponing
Or being scared
Or having excuses
Or am I being prepared
Two totally different realms
And what we wish for you
Is that you distinguish between the two

Thank you
This was my message

The MANTRA for today is:

right moment-mantra

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