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Today I would like to talk to you about entanglement

And what do I mean by entanglement
It is your emotion
Your energy
Entangled within the emotion
Or with the emotion
Of somebody else or something else

And one of the bi-products of entanglement is projection
Where you project your vision
Your feelings
Your emotion
On the other person or on the other thing
And where the other person does the same to you

Now can you imagine
If you project your fears
Your needs
Your wants
Your expectations
On somebody else
And somebody else does the same to you
Can you imagine that this is not a pretty energy
It is not a pretty sight either
It’s not a pretty feeling either

Hah, entanglement, we see it all the time
You see it in love relationships
You see it amongst friends
You see it amongst family members
You see it amongst colleagues
You see it every time where you project your feelings
Your expectations
Your needs
Your desire
Your vision
Upon somebody else

And we call this entanglement
Because in the energy field you create a connection
But a negative connection
As if with your energy you besmirch the other person
And the other way around
As if the other person besmirches you with his or her energy

It’s like a pie fight with energy
So instead of throwing pie you throw energy
And this energy sticks to the other person
And your energy sticks to the other person
And it becomes very gooey and gluey
And sticky and aah
And it is as if the other person sticks to you emotionally

Your emotion is in turmoil and your mind is racing
About something the other person has said or has done
And all this energy goes back to the other person
So it goes back and forth
And back and forth
And back and forth
And the two of you are connected on an energy level
But in a very negative way

It makes you very nervous
It takes a lot of your energy
It makes you tired
It is not at all nice

And most of the time you even do not know it
All you know is you do not like the other one
Or everything he or she says or does touches you
It gives you emotional turmoil, upheaval
Emotional upheaval
This is always a sign of entanglement

And how can you disentangle
How can you cut that connection
That negative energy
How can you cut that
Well, there are several ways to do it
And I will teach you one very powerful technique now

Go and stand in your mind’s eye
In your imagination
Go and stand opposite the other person
And make space between you and the other person
Let’s say five meters
And now look at the floor in front of you

And out of the floor comes a well of water
Suddenly water starts to come up
And this water becomes a pool
And this pool becomes a river
And now there is, between you and the other person
There is a river
This is the river of life

And the river becomes wider and wider and wider
And the other person is on the other side of the river
And you are on this side of the river bank
And the other person is on the other river bank, the other side
And this river becomes bigger, and wilder
And you hear the roar of water
And you see the water splashing against the rocks
And there is no way that you can reach the other side
And there is no way the other person can reach you on this side
So this water breaks the energy bond between the two of you

The energy bridge between the two of you is swept away by the water
By the power, the mighty power of the water
And now you turn around and walk away
And you picture the other person doing the same
So the other person turns around and walks away from the river bank
Into his or her own future
And you have turned around from the water
You walk away from the river bank
Into your future
Away from the other person
And the water will forever separate
That negative bond between the two of you

And this is how you deal with entanglement
Try it
It’s one of the many many many techniques
You can also picture a fire between the two of you
As long as you are on either side of the fire
And let the fire do the cleansing
The cleansing of the energy
Just like the water
Let the water do the cleansing of the energy

And if it’s not water
If it’s not fire
It can be wind
Let there be a strong wind
With thunder and rain
Something like a hurricane
But not enough to lift you from the surface of the earth
But a very strong wind with rain
With heavy rainfall, with thunder
And it sweeps away the energy between the two of you
It cleans the energy
It cleans the entanglement
And there is this one big bolt of lightning that hits that entanglement
And it, ttsssjjjjjj! It burns
It burns and it’s gone
And you never have to worry about it again

So use the forces of nature
Use the elements to help you clean that entanglement
You can also picture a mountain between the two of you
Then you use the element of earth

So there are many ways
Be creative
Try it
And see what happens
And good luck
Free yourself

This was my message

Thank you

Copyright © 2018 Channeled by Briant&Jaldhara – All Rights Reserved

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