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Upgrading Consciousness & Awareness

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Now, as you may or may not have noticed
We are actually upgrading consciousness on your planet
On your earth
At this very moment
And as the rain falls on the roof
Consider it to be applauding from the heavens
And because it is raining here right now
And in the background you might hear
The gentle sound of the rain
On the windows and on the roof
On the grass

But back to the topic
We are in fact upgrading consciousness and awareness
On your planet right now
Many many many many people are being opened
To new dimensions
You on your planet, on earth, are living
Mostly in third and fourth dimension
Many of you live in third dimension only
The reality of the third dimension
Where there is separateness
Where there is war
Where there is hate
Where there is pain
Where there is hunger
Where there is inequality
Where there is evilness

And as you all know and see and feel
It is not doing humanity, as a whole, much good
And it isn’t doing earth much good
You are killing off your mother earth
You are killing off your planet
With your greed
And your carelessness
And your unawareness
And of course
We, the universal beings
The universal council
We will not let that happen
Mother earth will not die
Cannot die
Is not allowed to die
So we can’t allow you killing off your planet
And this is why we are upgrading consciousness
And awareness
And opening so many right now to new dimensions
Fourth dimension
Fifth dimension
And even some of you, sixth dimension
And more

And many newborns at this moment
Will be totally different
They will already be opened
To the fourth and fifth dimensions
Many of them, light beings
As you call them light workers
We call them light beings
You call them light workers
For many of you still have to work
To come into the light
So the name light worker is well chosen
You have to do a lot of work
To stand in the light
And to place yourself into the light

But many of these newborns
They are already in the light
They are therefore light beings
And many of the greedy ones
The angry ones
The warmongers
The dividers
The schemers
In short, the evil ones
They will die off
As they die
They will not be replaced by new evil ones
So the beings right now being born on earth
The children being born onto your earth
Already have a different consciousness
This is one of our doings
Deliberately interfering in the course of your planet
And we have to do this
In order for your planet to survive
In order for you humankind to survive

And many of you right now are being opened to new dimensions
To bring already awareness to this earth
For these new children
These light beings
Need attention
Need special attention from different awareness
From a different consciousness
So many parents are being opened to new realities
Not all, not everybody can be opened
Is willing to be opened
Is willing to do the work
Is willing to surrender
But the stubbornness
The separateness
The anger
The loneliness
The pain
Is slowly being diluted on your planet
And of course
You see religious outbursts
You see manipulative world leaders
They try desperately to maintain the status quo
That has been there for so long
But in the end they will not succeed

So we are spreading love and light
More and more on your planet
The awareness that there is such a thing
As Love and Light
We spread that awareness more and more
On your planet
And less and less people will accept
That there is so much hatred
That there is so much pain
That there is so much dividedness
That there is so much anger
So much separateness

And new initiatives
And new ways of thinking
And schooling
And working
Will emerge from the new consciousness
The new awareness
So instead of reversing,
Going backwards
You are now going forward
You are progressing as a whole
So humankind is progressing as a whole
It might not yet be obvious for you
For everybody
For anybody
It might not yet be obvious but it is happening
We are reversing the process
We are reversing this negative spiraling down

So the spiral is slowly turning upwards again
You have reached your lowest point on this earth
A while ago
And right now you go upward
And there will come times
Where there will be social upheaval
Killings, shootings, even wars
But it is all the last phase of old three dimensional doing
Three dimensional being
Three dimensional thinking
It is dying out
It will be a phase you have to go through as a whole
As a people of your planet you have to go through that
So that more and more and more and more people will say
Enough, it has been enough
We do not want this any longer
We do not accept this any longer, anymore
It has been enough

So sometimes bad things have to happen
For good things to start to emerge
To start to grow
And this is how it will be
In the next ten to twenty years on your planet
A whole new consciousness
And a whole new awareness will arise
And people will start to find each other
And work together
And flock together
And new initiatives will see the light
Will be born
Will be initiated
And we salute this
We love you
And because we love you
We care for you
And we take care of you

This was my message
Thank you

The MANTRA for today is:

Upgrading - Mantra

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