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Today I would like to talk to you about tunnel-vision
This need inside of you to be right
I know what life is about
I know what this subject is about
And I will tell you what life is about

So you are suffocating the other one with your opinion
Your strong opinion
And your need to force that opinion upon the other one
We see this in religion
We see this with people that have a strong conviction
Let’s say, like vegans, vegetarians
People that are idealistic, that follow idealistic concepts
There is this urge to convince the other one

And what it really is
Is a narrowing of the consciousness
This is why I started with the word tunnel-vision
It is as if your whole reality is compressed into this one item
This one belief
This one obsession

And truly you are obsessed
You are obsessed by religion
You are obsessed by being right
And telling the other one exactly what you think
And by doing so you leave no room for the other one to breathe
You leave no room for the other one to live really
You leave no space

Because your truth is so big
And so important
And so all encompassing
That you almost strangle the other one
I mean, not really
You do not sit with your hands around their neck
But the other one, the other person that you are talking to
Feels as if they have no room to breathe
No room to live

And this is because there is no mutual agreement on the subject
This is your subject
This is your need to talk about this subject
This is your need to convince the other one
Because that is truly what you are doing
You are convincing the other one

We all have a subject that blinds us
That makes us fanatic
That truly makes us passionate
We all have a subject
Small or big
But truly, connection with the other person
Doesn’t it mean to dance with the other person?
To come and to go
To receive and to give
Influx, reflux of energy
Of words
Of Space of breath
It’s a dance

Now imagine
You only want to dance cha cha cha
And the other one wants to dance Salsa
If you translate that to a dance floor
And you are forcing this cha cha cha upon the other one
They will not be happy
Because they want to dance Salsa
So you are not dancing together
You are forcing your dance upon the other one
Now, imagine what that looks like on a dance floor

And this is what many of you do in real life
To the other person
You are forcing your opinion
And you are forcing your fixation
Your obsession
Upon the other person
Raping, almost raping and almost killing the other one
Killing in the sense of suffocating the other one
With your opinion

And some of you have this stronger than others
Some of you have it in your youth
And with some of you it will fade away
As you grow older and wiser and riper
But some of you have this your whole Life
Until the day you die
This need to be right
This need to tell the other one what life is all about

And if you recognize what I am saying here
And you want to change this
Or you want to stop this
Then use this simple trick
It’s not a trick, it’s an advice
Use this simple doing

In the midst of the heated discussion
Mainly coming from your side
Stop yourself in your tracks
The minute you notice
Hey, I am doing this
Jehovah’s Witness thing to the other one
Simply stop yourself and close your eyes
And feel your feet
In the midst of the discussion
You stop
You close your eyes
And you feel your feet
And then you feel your breath
And all you do is breathe
Be with the breath

And do this for a minute
For two minutes
For three minutes
And you will notice that this whole urge
Of wanting to be right
Wanting to tell the other one what life is all about
That forcing energy will slow down
Will calm down
And you will be able again to dance with the situation
To dance with the other person

And this can be done
This is okay when you are sober
For the minute you drink alcohol
Then there is nothing that can stop you
Because alcohol is the fuel for behavior like I described before
And also alcohol is the fuel for a discussion being forceful
That is the nature of alcohol
So if you are drinking alcohol
And then you start discussing with somebody
Forget it
It’s very hard to stop yourself
It’s very hard to get stopped
Eventually the booze will stop you
Because if you drink enough
You will become drunk
And then you will stop
And even then you will not stop
Most of you won’t
But you will no longer be consciously aware
And you are not consciously there
So you don’t even know what you are doing

So if you are sober, and you’ll notice this
Close your eyes
Go inside
Calm yourself
And then when you open your eyes again
Look the other one in the eye
And think to yourself
Direct that thought to the other one
And say, I love you
Say it to yourself
And say it to the other person
I love you
I love you
I love you

And there is no need for me to be right
It is only an opinion
I love you
And I let go
I don’t need to be right
I love you
I love you

And try it
Play with it
And feel the difference
Feel the difference
What it does with the atmosphere
What it does with the other person
What it does to the energy

Try it
Play with it
Try to stop yourself from being forceful
And try gentleness
And try harmony
And try togetherness, on a different level
Like just being together
Breathing together
Try it
You might like it
It’s a journey

This was my message

Copyright © 2018 Channeled by Briant&Jaldhara – All Rights Reserved

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