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Tune in to the energy of manifestation

Tune in to the energy of manifestation

If you are on your life’s journey
There are moments and things and happenings
That are inevitable
They not only seem inevitable
They are inevitable
They have to happen,
Almost as in a film script
In a scenario
And they will happen

They will happen whether you want them to happen or not
For instance, you walk the streets of say
New York or London or Calcutta
It doesn’t really matter
You walk the streets of a big city
And you want to turn left
Your mind says turn left here or you want to turn left
And for some reason you turn right
There is a voice inside of you
There is maybe even…It’s not a voice
It’s a knowing
That tells you, forget left, go right

And you go right
And you find a little restaurant
And you go into the restaurant
And you will sit next to somebody
That you were meant to meet
A perfect stranger
And you will have a conversation
And suddenly in that conversation
There is information you needed to hear
You needed to know

This meeting needed to happen for you
In your life at that particular moment
Why, because it was meant to be

And in that perspective
There is a sort of a screen play
Yes, you can call it a screen play
Certain things in your life
Are bound to happen
Will happen
Need to happen
Must come to manifestation
Must come to manifest itself

So yes
Within the boundaries of that scenario there is free will
Of course, you have a choice
But the scenario has to be lived
And it will be lived
And things like chance, coincidence
They do not exist
There is no such thing as coincidence
There is no such thing as chance
Yes, there is luck
You can have luck
You can have good luck or you can have bad luck

But the course of your life
The scenario of your life
Will take its place
Certain things are meant to happen
And certain things will happen
Will manifest

And within that scenario
Within that manifestation realm
There is an energy that is called synchronicity
Where you are at the right place at the right time
Being the right person
Meeting the right person
Or you will see the right person
And we all have had that
We all have had the feeling of
Hey, this was meant to be
This had to happen

Now, the secret of life is
That you listen to this subtle energy more and more
As you live your life
As you walk your path
Tune in to the energy of manifestation
The energy of your scenario
The energy of synchronicity

And go with the flow
And flow with the go
And your life will become more easy
If you swim against the tide
Life is hard
If you go with the flow
If you walk in the direction
Your life wants you to take
Needs you to take
In order to get to a certain point
Life becomes more easy

But it’s not easy to follow
This flow
Because your mind is in the way
Your emotion is in the way
Your mind fights with the idea
Go right here

Oh no, I want to go left
No, go right here
No, I want to go left
I want to go and see that church
That mosque, that tower, that museum
No, go right here

And finally you go right
And you meet this person
You receive this knowledge
And it changes the course of your life
If you would have gone left to the tower, to the museum
You would have seen the museum
But you would not have known that knowledge you were meant to know

So it’s also the art of surrender
The art of following
The art of trust
The art of let go and go with the flow
And it doesn’t mean that your life will always be easy
But in general
Hardship and difficulty are not within the plan
And sometimes they are
And that’s the confusing thing

Some hardship, I’ve taught you this before
Is part of the plan for you to grow
And some hardship is clutter
And chatter
And emotional bull shit, rubbish
So free yourself from the rubbish
Go inside
Ask for guidance
And follow your path

And your life will become more easy
As you go, your path will light up
And it will show itself in all its glory
Walk your path
Walk strong

This was my message

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