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Today I would like to speak to you about trust
Trusting yourself and trusting the process
Your process

And this applies to you
The minute you acknowledge that life is a journey
That your life has a path
And that you are walking on that path
The minute you acknowledge that fact, which is a fact
Trust comes into existence
Because this is all about trusting the process
And trusting yourself in the process

And what does this mean
First of all, walk your path
Follow your path step by step
And on your way you will encounter difficulties
And you will encounter easy times
And you will encounter all sorts of adventures

And it is about these difficulties
That I would like to talk to you about
There are two kind of difficulties
Difficulties that you do not learn from
And difficulties you learn from

Some difficulties are just mental farts
And emotional farts, you yourself or others place on your way
These difficulties are self inflicted and they can go a long way
They can be really...
Well, a pain in the ass really
Be aware of those difficulties
They do not serve you
And they are only there to slow you down
To bother you

This is mostly emotional stuff
That you yourself have not cleared
And of course you have to deal with that stuff
With your drama
Because your drama will hold you down
So if you encounter a lot of drama in your life
Deal with the drama
Heal the drama

But these are not the difficulties I want to talk to you about today
Some difficulties are there
Placed on your road, on your path
To teach you
To sharpen you
To grind you
To bring out your shine and your beauty

It is for you to see the difference between those two energies
The drama energy
And the energy that really teaches you a lesson

And as soon as you can distinguish the difference
Between the one and the other
Your journey becomes more easy

And also when you are in this grinding stage
In this learning phase
In this difficulty where you learn from
Then the word Trust comes in
Kicks in
Trust the process

Do your job
Walk your walk
Talk your talk
Step by step
Take action
And do, and do, and do, and do
And Trust the process
And at some point eventually
After you have learnt your lesson
And things will go easy and smooth
And you will be successful
And your journey will be beautiful
And you enjoy and you have a good time

And those good times will come
And also the difficulties, they too will come
The difficult moments
The difficult parts
And not those that you inflict upon yourself

No, the lessons
Your specific lessons to grow and to flourish
To learn from
To become a bigger man or a bigger woman
Those lessons
They are gold, they are diamond
And what it needs from you is two things
Work, action and trust
Trust the process

And it all starts by distinguishing between the two
The drama and the true lesson
What is drama here
And what is true lesson here
That distinction only you can make
And if you can see the difference
And act upon the difference
Your life will truly change for the better

Deal with the drama
Go and see therapists or go and see healers
Deal with your drama
And take your lessons
The true lessons
Take them on
Climb the ladder of that lesson
Go into that lesson
Learn, grow and be grateful that the lesson is there

Sometimes the lesson is a person
And sometimes the lesson is an experience
Sometimes the lesson is a skill you have to master
It has many faces
It has many appearances
Trust the process
Trust yourself
And walk Strong upon your path

This was my message

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