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True beauty

True beauty

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In each and every one of you there is true beauty
There is a capacity which you humans often describe as talent
Or even character
It doesn’t matter what you call it
But in essence
It is the opening through which you manifest your true self
In this world
And let me give you an example
Some of you have a beautiful singing voice
And this singing voice is the tool
With which you express your Essence
Your originality
In this lifetime
In this world
And for some of you
This voice is so unique
So beautiful, so totally you and so big
That it touches the hearts and the souls of millions even

Now, to have such a talent is rare and very precious
And those who have this talent know how precious it is
But each and every one of you has such a capacity
For some it is their curiosity
Their playful, childish curiosity
In which or with which they encounter the world
And discover the world
And there is so much joy and childlike quality in it
That you shine light on everybody that you meet
And touch with this curiosity
So that is truly a very beautiful aspect of your Essence
Your originality with which you shine your light upon this world
And by doing so you touch the heart and soul of many
You bring joy
You bring lightness
You bring playfulness

And the beauty is, I’ll say it again
I must state this again
In each and every one of you
Each and everyone
Even you that is listening now
And thinks to himself or herself, not me
Even you
You all have this capacity
You all have this gateway
Through which you express your true Essence
An aspect of your true Essence into this world
And that is unique
That is your uniqueness
That is your beauty

And many of you have lost sight
And have lost knowledge
And have lost connection with this originality
So you think it is not there
You think it does not exist
You think you do not have it
Everybody else has it but you do not
And of course this is not true
This is a lie
It is there
It is there but sometimes it is buried very deeply
Under layers of pain and confusion and disconnection from self

And if that is the case
And if you have lost contact with that original aspect
That not only gives joy to the world
And to people around you
But that gives true joy to you yourself
For it is you in the utmost capacity of You
It is you expressing your Essence
And this will always give You joy and pleasure
And a feeling of worthiness
A feeling of belonging
A feeling of being good
And of course you are
You are good
You are beautiful
You are whole, in Essence

So if you have lost contact with that aspect in you
Reconnect with that aspect
And how do you do that?
If connection is lost or obscured
By confusion
By pain
It doesn’t really matter how it got lost
But if you do not have direct access to it
Then here is the great way to reconnect with it

Close your eyes
And imagine you are standing somewhere in nature
It can be on a piece of grass
It can be on a sandy beach
It can be on a rock
It can be you swimming in the water
Even swimming with the dolphins, if you do like that
But picture yourself somewhere in nature
With your bare feet or your bare skin
Connected to the earth
To the element earth
Or the element water
And then in that scene
You close your eyes and you find your breath
Find your breath and once you’ve found your breath
Just follow the natural rhythm of your breath
In and out
And up and down
And you do this for a couple of minutes
And then you’ll notice that your breath becomes quiet
More quiet, it slows down and it goes deeper
Try it
You will find that this is true
And then by keeping on breathing
You become calm and quiet and peaceful

And this is the moment where you turn to us
And ask us
Can you please help me
With finding and connecting to my true Essence
To that aspect in me
The original spark in me
With which I express myself in this world
With which I express my true Essence in this world
Please help me to reconnect
To fully reconnect with that aspect in me

And then you keep on breathing
And even feel your feet on the surface beneath you
Picturing you connecting to either earth or water
And wait
If there comes a memory
An image
An idea
An epiphany
Where you suddenly remember
Oh yeah, as a child I used to be so happy and playful
And I had this great laugh
I could laugh and giggle for hours
And what happened to the laugh
I lost that capacity
I hardly laugh any more
So it might be so
That laughter is your gateway
With which you express your essence in this world
It can be laughter

If it is laughter, and you have lost laughter
Reconnect with laughter again
And ask us, please connect me with that capacity again
That capacity of being able to truly laugh and laugh and laugh
And be happy and joyful
Because with this laughter
You not only make yourself happy
But you make the world happy
And maybe it is a beautiful signing voice
Or maybe it is your curiosity
Or maybe it is your capacity for great ideas
Or maybe it is your capacity for acting crazy
And telling jokes and make everybody laugh
And when everybody is laughing
You feel connected to you
You feel connected to the world
You feel connected to your own happiness

So whenever you lost sight of that capacity
Please, ask us to reconnect you with it
And it might take a while
You might have to do some work on this process
It might take a couple of days
A couple of weeks
A couple of months
But if you do this diligently every day
Ask us for help to reconnect you with that one aspect
That makes you unique
In which you express your uniqueness in this world
If you ask us
And ask us every day
You will be reconnected with that one aspect of you
And it will grow and it will flourish
And it will bring you great joy and happiness
And not only you
But many others

So this is a gift, truly

Thank you
This was my message

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