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Today I would like to talk to you about energy
And in particular tiredness
For so many people are feeling tired
They have very little energy
And of course tiredness has many origins
Has many beginnings
But there are a few main reasons why you could be tired

First of all
The minute you are living a life
That is not in accordance with who you truly are
You are in fact resisting your reality
You are resisting your truth
You are resisting an easy flow in your life
And this resistance cost you a lot of energy
So that is one reason
You could be not living the life that you are supposed to live

The second one is, of course
Many of you humans live with guilt
Live with shame
Live with secrets
And to keep all that inside
To suppress all that
Takes away from your energy
So you will get tired
That is the second reason

Another big reason is unhealed emotions
Unhealed layers within you
Where you are suppressing old emotions
And they really suck away your energy
Suppressing old unhealed emotions takes away
A lot of your energy
And the best way to deal with that is to release them
To heal them
And you will free up a lot of energy
A lot of emotions
Or should I say
By freeing up the emotion you free up energy
So that’s another big reason why you could feel tired

And another important one is food and movement
The food you are eating does not necessarily serve you
If you eat a lot of meat
A lot of gluten
A lot of carbohydrates
A lot of pasta, rice, potatoes
And few vegetables
And few fruits
You could be poisoning yourself
You could be poisoning your body
There could be inflammations in your body

And a lot of the tiredness comes from you having a wrong diet
You are not having the right diet for you
So that’s another big issue
You could change your diet
And if you are smoking a lot
And if you are drinking alcohol a lot
Those two will make you tired
If you drink a lot of coffee
Of course coffee will give you a momentary boost
But in the long run coffee really wears you out

And the same is for body movement
If you move very little
And you are not healthy
You don’t eat healthy
You don’t move enough
Your energy will drain
And for some people
All of the mentioned issues count
So you are not living the life you are supposed to live
You are suppressing guilt, shame and secrets
You are suppressing old, unhealed emotions
You are not eating well
You are not moving enough
And all this on top of each other
Gives you an enormous energy drain
So all your good beautiful shining energy
Goes down the drain
By you not taking care of You

And we are not saying that you should change all this at once
You probably can’t
This is a task too big for most of you
But start at some point
Start to open yourself to living your ideal life
The life that you were meant to live
Start with opening up yourself to that reality
By, for instance, saying the mantra every day
I open myself up for my true reality
For living my true essence
And if you say this long enough
Eventually, your reality will change
Because you will truly open up to a new reality

If you live with guilt and shame and secrets
Go and see a therapist
And make sure you get rid of these
To free up your energy
To heal yourself
To free up your energy, yeah

And another one
If you have a lot of unhealed emotion
Anger, sadness, numbness
Denial, dissociation
Go and see a good therapist
And start to heal yourself
And it’s a process
So give it time and things will change for you

And then, of course
If you know that you are not eating well
If you don’t eat enough vegetables
If you don’t eat enough fruits
If you eat too much meat
If you eat too much carbohydrates
Go and change that pattern
Start to eat healthy
And start to move
And choose something that suits you
Take up swimming
Or walking
Or running
Or whatever
Whatever suits you
Find something that you feel happy with
And that you can do for a long time
Without getting injured
Without starting to get bored
If it is too much
If you aim too high
You will not be able to maintain it as a daily exercise
So start slow and slowly build up
And then in the end you will succeed

Now, all these were areas where your energy
Could be leaking away
And this will make you tired
And we suggest you
First of all you start with all these
And if you have done all this and you still feel tired
And your energy is still leaking away
Then there is something else wrong
And if that is so in your case
Then ask us again
And we will tune in to you
And we will tell you why your energy is leaking away

This was our message
Thank you

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