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Through You Not For You

Through You Not For You

Today I would like to reflect on how we work through you
Not for you

There is a general misconception about the way God, as you call it
The God energy works in the world
Many people pray and hope for things to change
As if they pray to a parent
To a father, a super father

Please provide
Please help me
Please make my life better
I am in misery
I am miserable
I feel miserable
My life is miserable
And you, greater power
You super daddy in heaven
Change it all for me
Bring me a beautiful woman
Bring me loads of money
Bring me luck
Bring me richness

And all this comes from a state of lack
A begging state
You are down and out
You feel down and out
And you aim your hope towards a super power
Please, help me
And this is a misconception
This is not the way we work in this world, through you

Because this is how we work
We work through you
You are a vessel
And to be more precise
You are a vessel of love and light
If you choose that
If you wish to be that
The minute you say, I am a vessel
And I want to serve love and light
For the greater good of mankind
You open up yourself towards us working through you
Because you gave us permission
We need permission
We will never, ever ever do this without your permission

And permission has many faces
Sometimes it can also be unconsciously
But if you consciously say
I am a vessel and please work through me
For the greater good of mankind
The minute you do that we now will work through you
Because you have given us permission
You have asked us to do so and we will do that

And the aspect of your soul that you have chosen in this life
To bring to bloom, to flourish, to express
We will help you to bring that aspect of your soul into reality
So let’s say you are a florist
By working through you we will help you
To make such beautiful pieces of art and work
That people will start to come to you
Because you have something special

Your floral pieces
Your floral pieces are not only beautiful
But they are also drenched and filled with love
And people, they do not realize this on a conscious level
But their heart can feel it
The minute they enter your shop they can feel the love
They can feel that there is a different atmosphere in your shop
And the work you deliver
The work you produce
And the way in which you communicate with them
Through your floral pieces
And as a person
There is something different
And people like it

They even might find solace when they come to you
Their lost parts
Their lonely parts
For a brief moment feel loved
So there is, on a level, there is a home coming for them
So subconsciously, unconsciously, it’s all subconsciously
They do not realize this but it’s there

And you will, through your floral pieces
Work for the greater good of mankind
Because you spread love
And you spread light
And you comfort people
This is good
This is beautiful

And of course there are many examples
If you are a baker
Or you are a scientist
Or you are a singer or an actor
The minute you work for the greater good of mankind
Everything will change
There will be a quality added towards you, to you
There will be added a quality that makes you unique
And people will start to see and feel and sense
This extra quality

And that extra quality is US working through you
Love and light working through you
Through You
And this is how we spread love on earth
This is how we spread love and light
Amongst the people of your planet
For love and light is needed on your planet
To counter-balance the forces of darkness and hate and anger
Love and light are needed
And this is how we work
Through you
And through you we work FOR YOU
So in the end we also work for the greater good of mankind

This was my message
Thank you

Copyright © 2018 Channeled by Briant&Jaldhara – All Rights Reserved

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