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Today I would like to talk to you about a need
Your need for recognition

For this need makes you vulnerable
Makes you emotionally and mentally unstable
And it makes your life difficult
Your need, your inner need for recognition

See me
Hear me
Like me
Love me
Please, be proud of me
Please, like who I am
Like what I do
Like what I say
Like the way I look

Many of you have need for this recognition
This external recognition from another human being
Either your partner
Or your father or your mother
Your family
Your boss
Your teacher

The need for recognition comes in many shapes and forms
It has many hues
And it is a layer in you where this stems from
It is unhealed inner child emotion
The child in you that was not seen
Was not heard
Was not recognized
Was not listened to
Was not praised
Was ignored
Was denied,
Denied attention
Denied love
Denied recognition

So it’s a very old emotion
In an old layer
But it is very present in the now
This personal individual insecurity
This need for attention
This need for recognition
This need to be loved
And to be liked

And many of you are willing
To completely surrender themselves
To somebody else
Who gives you that recognition
Or who gives you the illusion of this recognition
We can see many people falling in love
With the wrong person
The person they think will give them this recognition
But they don’t
They only make use of your insecurity
They only make use of your vulnerability
They only dominate you
And in the end you wind up with a wounded heart
A wounded soul
An empty heart and no love
Because there was no love in the first place
There was only lust
And there was only illusion

And many of you encounter this in their life
And undergo this in their life
And after a few times
They become resigned
They say, hah, men
They’re worth nothing
They only lie
They pretend to love you
But they don’t
Hah, women, you can’t trust them
They always run off with somebody else
And they always cheat on you

And that is the right time for you to change that pattern
Until now you have been looking outside of you
For somebody to save you
For somebody to recognize you
For somebody to like you
To love you
It is time for you to heal that neediness

And the only way to do that
Is to go inside
To meditate
And to make contact with your inner child
Your lost and forlorn inner child
And talk to that child
And love that child
And hold that child
And recognize that child
And see what it needs
Because for what you need
It needs
It needs exactly that which you are lacking in your life

It’s a technique
Inner child healing
It’s a very strong and very effective technique
We recommend it

If you are now at the crossroads in your life
Where you feel that the answers are no longer outside of you
Where you feel that the only place where you will find answers
Is inside of you
If you are at exactly that point in your life
Then go inside
Close your eyes
And read all the Whispers before this Whisper
That we talked about mediation
On how to do it
On how to make contact
On how to heal yourself

For it is time for you to heal yourself
We wish this for you
We wish for you that you love yourself
And you recognize yourself
Because the minute you do you are autonomous
And you do not need external praise
For the true praise is the praise that you give yourself
For being who you are
Because you are beautiful
And you are exactly right the way you are now
We love you
And we love for you to love yourself
To heal yourself

This was my message
Thank you

The MANTRA for today is:

This need for external recognition

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