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There is a big difference between working for yourself and working for somebody else

Everybody who has worked or works for him or herself knows this
But also the difference between living for yourself
Or living for somebody else
Is even more significant
The difference between living for somebody else
Or living for your self is tremendous
And in this world
In this life
Many many many people live for somebody else

And what do we mean by that
There is a force behind you
You can see it as a force
That is pushing you forward
And this force is almost the voice
And the wish
And the thought of somebody else
For most people
It is either the father or the mother
Or both
But it can also be culture
Or it can also be religion

There is, of course, quite a few strong forces
Behind somebody living the life for somebody else
And most people are not even aware of the fact
That they do
That they do live a life fueled and energized
By forces outside of themselves
It is an unawareness
It is an unaware state of being
Many people are, so to say, in that sense
A slave of something outside of them
It can be society
It can be your government or
It can be your culture, like I said
It can be your religion, like I said
It can be your family, your father, your mother

And the first thing you do to change that
If you have the wish to change that
It starts with realizing that this is what is happening to you
That you are living the life for somebody else
Or for something else

And the minute you realize that
Then you have to ask yourself the question
Do I want this
Do I like this
And the second question is
Does it need to be this way
Is there another way
And the answer is yes
There is another way
There is the way where you live your life
For you

And I do not mean here, we do not mean that you are selfish
Or that you are autistic or out of contact with other human beings
No, not at all
It means that you are living a life true to who you really are
Not who you want to be
Or who you are supposed to be
But who you are
Your essence
We have used this word many times in our Whispers

All of you came to this world with a specific soul purpose
And ideally, you live your life expressing that soul purpose
That is living a life true to your essence
But many of you do not do that and will never do that
Because it demands courage
It demands effort
You have to make an effort to say
I want to live a life that is true to who I really am
To my essence
It takes tremendous courage
And it takes great effort
Because you have to slowly step out of all the patterns
And all the energy fields where you are being told how to live
All the expectations of others you have to say goodbye to
You have to say goodbye to many many many expectations
People have from you
Your parents have from you
Your brothers and sisters have from you
Your family has from you
Your society has from you
Your culture has from you
Your religion has from you
And to say goodbye to all that
In order to live a life in accordance with your essence
Is truly courageous
And it can be done
Many do it

And it takes years to wake up and to realize
The difference between living for somebody
or living for yourself
It takes awakening
But it also takes a daily technique to awaken yourself
And meditation is very good for this
As long as it is a daily routine
Where you remind yourself daily that you want to live a life
According to your essence
In aresonance with your essence

If that is your wish
Start to tell this to the universe every day
Hey, listen, this is what I am up to
I, and you say it in the now,

I am living a life
In accordance and in resonance with my essence
Today and always

And you repeat this mantra
Every day, every day, every day
Every day
And not once or twice
No, at the beginning you might want to say it
A hundred times a day
And don’t say it for a day
Don’t say it for a week
Don’t say it for a month
No, say it for a year
For two years
For three years
For ever

Because if that is what your true wish is
Then you have to vocalize that wish
And then challenges will come your way
And you have to face the challenges
You will face the challenges
For you have a goal
And the goal is
I want to live in accordance and in resonance with my essence
And you will be shown the way
Your unique way
Your way
And on your way
On your path to that reality
You will meet many challenges
And you will meet many disappointments
You will meet many glorifying moments

It all comes with the whole package
And there is loneliness
And there is sorrow
But there is great joy and great satisfaction
And it will become more and more and more easy
In the long run
The longer you do this
The better you get at it
And the closer you come to materializing that reality

All it needs from you is daily practice
And daily stating this is what I want
‘I choose to live in accordance and in the resonance with my essence’
And everything and everybody
That is not in accordance with your essence
Will slowly leave you
Thoughts, feelings, friends, people, will leave you
And new thoughts
And new feelings
And new friends will come
Thoughts and feelings and friends that are more
In resonance and in accordance with your true essence
And the more you live in accordance with your essence
The more your life around you will evolve in that way

So if this is what you wish
We truly wish you courage and love and light
And we love you

This was my message
Thank you

Copyright © 2018 Channeled by Briant&Jaldhara – All Rights Reserved

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