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The Reality of Miracles

The Reality of Miracles

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You all have heard the phrase supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
It is from a well-known movie called Mary Poppins
And today I would like to talk to you about the reality of miracles
For the realm in which supercalifragilisticexpialidocious is expressed
And the reality in which it comes to life
It’s a reality of miracles

You see this in that movie
You see that she is performing tasks very lightly
In a miraculous manner while singing the song
And in your world
In your dense material reality
There is also a state of mind
And a state of being
That is truly able to tap into the miraculous
To tap into the energy
And the frequency of miracles

And it is a frequency it is a reality
That is not bound by the denseness
Of your material world
And we realize that for some of you
This might sound very abstract
But it is a state of mind
It is a state of being
It is a state of consciousness
Where you can be in that energy of miracles
Where you can vibrate within that field
That lightness of being
That lightness of life

You are in the flow
You are in the zone
And you are no longer bound
Or at that moment
Not bound by Karmic energy
Ancestral energy
Archetypal imprints
Karmic energy
You are not bound by
Your personal belief systems
Or you have worked on them
And they are now in alignment
With this miracle reality

So for each one of you
Who has ever experienced this
No matter how short
One minute
One hour
One day
You know what I talk about
You know that this is a reality
The reality where everything goes your way
Where everything goes smooth
Where there is flow where you are, in the zone
As if you are floating through life
And this is truly a beautiful state of mind
And the beauty of it is
You can tune in to this reality
You can connect with this reality

And the first thing you need to do is
To believe that it is there
A reality where everything is going your way
And if you don’t know the movie
And if you don’t know the phrase
Go and see the movie, Mary Poppins
And search for the scene
Where she is singing this song
It can be found on the internet
And watch that scene
And see the miracles that she is performing
Or seems to perform
And of course this is a movie
But it is also a metaphor
For this is possible
And this is reality
Or could be a reality for each of you
If you connect with the now

And we realize that this is big
In your world
This is truly something
To connect with the now
You can do this briefly in meditation
You can do this briefly in moments
But to constantly be connected in the now
Is virtually impossible for humans
And yet if you exercise this
For instance, through meditation
You will get better at it

And like I said
The minute you acknowledge
That it can be done
That it is there
And you focus upon it
And you wish it
And you want it
It will come into your life more and more
Where you no longer resist life
But where you truly work with life
Work with the flow
Go with the flow
Be in the zone
And open yourself for miracles

Today I open myself for miracles
Or start with one miracle
Today I open myself for a miracle
Today I live a miraculous life
Today I open up myself for a miraculous life
These are all mantras that will help you
To tune in to that reality

And it is a reality where your life is easy and smooth
And where everything comes your way
And is going your way
And you deserve this
And not only do you deserve this
It is possible
And all you need to do is tap into it
Tap into that reality
And heal and clean yourself from old wounding
Karmic strings
Ancestral strings
Past life strings
And start to live more and more in the now
Trust, surrender
Work with us, your spirit tribe
Ask us for guidance
And things will come your way, more
And more and more and more each day
The longer you work with us
The more your life will start to flow
And you will come into the miracle zone
More and more
The zone of supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

And we wish this for you
For life is easy
Life can be truly easy
Even in your dense reality
In your dense material reality
But it needs work
And you have to do the work
And you have come to the realization
How it works
We can tell you how it works
But that will do you no good
You will have to align with this reality
Align yourself with this reality
And then you will understand
But it starts with believing and realizing
That this reality is there
The reality of the miraculous
The reality of now

This was our message
Thank you

The MANTRA for today is:

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