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The process of step by step

The process of step by step

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To let go of an old habit is as much work
As it is to adopt and incorporate a new habit
So to let go of something that you do not want any longer
And to learn something that you do want
Takes the same amount of effort
And all it needs from you is that you decide
That you are going to let go
Or you are going to let in

For instance
If you want to quit smoking
Basically, all you have to do is stop
And there are many ways to stop
And many ways to make it more easier on you
But in the end
It all boils down to stopping
And not starting again

And then you have to go through
All the discomfort
All the longing
All the grumpiness
All the emptiness
Your body has to get used to it
You will have to get used to this new lifestyle
Where you no longer smoke

And people will offer you cigarettes
And you will be together with people who do smoke
And you decided you stopped
And of course it is hard to stick to your decision
And stick to the promise you made to yourself
It takes character
It takes perseverance
It takes endurance
It takes…well, it takes whatever it takes
But if you truly decided I am going to stop
Then you will stop

And if you haven’t decided altogether
Then you will start smoking again
It is that simple
Now, the same goes for learning a new skill
Or learning a new habit
All you have to do is put yourself to the task
Step by step by step by step
For instance
If you decided I want to do more sport
Or I want to go to a gym every other day
Or twice a week
Or three times a week
Or I want to start doing yoga
All you have to do is start
And for some of us it is best to start slowly
Step by step
Little steps, and slowly build up and expand
Grow into the habit of doing yoga
Or going to the gym
Doing your exercises

The biggest mistake many people make
Is to take on too much at one time when they start
You start too enthusiastically
You start too big
You give it your all and you go for it
And somewhere along the line
You lose interest
You lose the desire to go on

So by starting slowly
And building it up step by step by step
And diligently doing the work
And doing whatever needs to be done
In that way you will slowly but surely pull that new habit
Into your daily routine
Into your reality
And it will be your new reality
It will be a new habit or a new skill
That you acquired
So basically this is how it works

Now, all you have to do is decide
Is there a skill
Or is there a habit
I want to lose
I want to let go of
And then prepare yourself
Set a time
Set a date
And just do it

And if there is a skill you want to learn
Or a habit you want to learn and incorporate in your life
Set a date
Make a plan
And when the time has come
Work your plan
Do your steps
Walk step by step until this new skill
This new habit
Has become a daily routine
Where you do not have to think anymore
But it is natural and normal

And that is all there is to it
No more, no less
Yes, it requires will power
It requires planning
It requires perseverance
And it requires intelligence
And with that we mean
Do it step by step
Do it slowly
But do it surely

This was our message
Thank you

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