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Today I would like to contemplate on the process of letting go
And I mean letting go of a person
A person very close to you
Very connected with you and to you
Your best friend
Your wife, your husband
Your father, your mother
Your brother, your sister
People who you are having strong ties to

And why do I say letting go
Because many of you
As you are developing and growing
You discover that the gap between you and the other
Becomes bigger and bigger and bigger
As if two islands are being formed
Without a bridge to cross the ocean
To cross the stream
So here you are in each other’s vicinity
Looking at each other
But not being able to reach each other

And many of you are living this reality
And many of you accept this as normal
This is the way of the world
This is how it is
But to let go of that reality and to say
I do not want this anymore
I will willfully say goodbye to you now
We have been connected once, very strongly
We had a bond
You were my mother
You were my father
You are my mother
You are my father
I was your child
I am your child
But now I will go my own way
You are my brother
You are my sister
But we have so many differences
And so many arguments about this
That it does not serve me well anymore

We all know this situation where
In a relation you have to
Keep quiet, listen, and silently take the blows
And take the turmoil
And take the suffering
So basically
This relationship is not beneficial to you at all
It drags you down
It puts you down
It makes you small
And it makes you feel inadequate
And it makes you feel unhappy
It makes you unhappy

Now, why would you want to put up with that
Why would you?
You do not have to put up with that
You can say it’s enough
I do not want this
And you can then stop the relationship
And move on
And this is very painful
There is guilt
There is shame
And there is regret
There is pain
There is anger
There is disappointment

All these feelings are there
And yet it is not at all bad to free yourself
To say, I have had enough of this
It does not benefit me
It doesn’t suit me
I will move on
It’s painful
It’s difficult
But it can be done

And only you can decide whether you should do it or not
Only you can decide
But if you are truly honest
You’ll know exactly when it has been enough
When it is no more beneficial
When the negative consequences are bigger
Than the positive consequences
There is a balance
And when the balance is out of balance
On a consistent basis for a long time
There will come a time that you will have to choose
And you will choose
And then you move on
If you decide I’ve had enough of this
I had enough of this contra productive energy
This counter productive relationship
And you break up the relationship
And you move on

And it’s a process
And you can ask us for help
As always
Ask us, help me to move on

You most probably first of all try to make it work again
And say, help me to make it work
And we will
But some relationships are simply not going to work
The differences are too big
So then you can ask us to help you
To be able to break the relationship
To stop the relationship
And to help you to make that transition easy
Without too much pain
Without too much anger
Without too much disruption

And it takes wisdom
It takes knowing yourself
When to go on and when to stop
But you can always asks us to help you
And you should because, really
We can help you tremendously
We can help you to heal the relationship
If you want that
We can help you to heal from breaking up the relationship
If you want that
The choice is yours
Choose wisely

This was our message
Thank you

The MANTRA for today is:

Loyalty - Mantra


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