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The power of ‘I Have a Dream’

The power of ‘I Have a Dream’

Today I would like to talk to you about the POWER of
Four very simple words, I HAVE A DREAM

To stand up as a human
And to say these words, I have a dream
It starts with a vision
It starts with proclaiming, I have a dream
So please, if you have a dream
And this dream is bigger than you
And it is so big that the minute you receive the dream
You already want to give up
This is only a dream
It is too big
This is nonsense
It’s only a dream

That’s what many of you do
You receive a dream that is bigger than you
The dream is calling you
And all you can say in return is
Oh man, this is too big
It can’t be true
It can’t be real
It must be a dream

Well, I have news for you
That’s why it is called a dream
But every dream you dream
You can call into existence
By saying out loud
These four words, I have a dream
And then you state your dream to the Universe

So if you have this wish of living your dream
Use this method
It is so strong
It is so powerful
Stand up
Do this standing up
And proclaim out loud to the universe
I have a dream
And then you state exactly what your dream is
I have a dream
That we live on this earth together in peace
And that we all live in prosperity
And that we all take care of this earth
And that we heal the planet
And that we heal each other
And that we live together in love and harmony

I have a dream
And you go on and on and on
And you state whatever your dream is
Maybe your dream is that no child shall die of hunger
That all children are able to receive education
That all children are able to have food
And clothing
And housing
And shelter
Etc, etc

So, these are big dreams
They are planetary dreams that
They benefit humanity
They benefit mankind
They benefit the earth
These are strong and big dreams
But maybe you have a totally different dream
Maybe you want to be the biggest or
The most famous vegan writer or vegan blogger
Or you want to be the biggest, well-known
Most famous guitar player of the world
Or you want to be whatever
Whatever your dream is

If you have a dream from today onwards
Say everyday out loud to the Universe
I have a dream
And then state your dream
Hone your dream
Polish your dream
Make it shiny
Make it real
Make it big
And tell the Universe what you are up to
Tell us what you are up to
And ask for help
And help me with this dream
So say it out loud
Call us
Call us and say to us
And help me with realizing this dream
Help me with materializing this dream
Help me to call and bring this dream into reality
And we will
We will co-create together with you
We will help you manifest

And maybe your dream starts out as being
The most famous rock star guitar player on the planet
And during your journey of getting there
You might change
It might change
The dream might become bigger
Have more layers
More subtle
More complete
More whole
More closer to your essence
But work with your dream

Work with your dream daily
And say it out loud
I have a dream
And state your dream
And let your dream grow and change its colors
Change its hues
And polish it
Make it shiny
Make it real

And we promise you
Someday that dream is called into reality
Is called into existence by you
You have manifested that reality
It’s a law
It’s that easy
And it is that hard

You have to do it daily
And you have to do it vividly
And you have to do it out loud
You don’t have to but it helps
Trust us, it helps
It helps if you say out loud
I have a dream
And I want your help with realizing this dream
Materializing this dream
Bringing this dream into existence

Work on your dream
And dream big
For this world needs big dreams

This was our message
Thank you

The MANTRA for today is:

Dream Big - Mantra


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