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Today I would like to talk to you about anger
And in particular the origin of anger

Now, if you had to pinpoint a particular body part
Where anger starts
Or where anger resides
Or where anger dwells
It would be your heart chakra
And of course
Anger will spread through your whole body
And it will be shown
In your eyes
In your mouth
In your face
You might even become red
Start to sweat
You might even feel adrenaline
In your arms
In your chest
In your feet
In your stomach
In your legs
In your whole body
And this is true
But this is when the anger
Already has developed

What we say here is
Where does the anger originate?
And this is in your heart chakra
And when you have a lot of anger in you
This is also the chakra that is clouded
For if you have a lot of anger in you
There is not much room for love
And love, of course
Is also something that starts in the heart chakra
Love emanates from the heart chakra

Now, to contemplate a bit more on anger
Anger is always an unhealed emotion
From your childhood, always is
And what do we mean by that
The trigger
That what triggers your anger
Is something that happens today
But the trigger itself is
A reflection of an unhealed emotion in your childhood
In that respect it is an inner child emotion
That manifests itself as anger
And it is always the anger of the child
Not being seen by either daddy or mommy
Not being heard by daddy or mommy
Not being acknowledged by daddy or mommy
Not being recognized by daddy or mommy

So anger is an emotion of lack
Where you feel you lack recognition
You lack being heard
You lack being seen
You lack being taken serious
If you watch your anger closely
A lot of it is the feeling of
You not being listened to
You not being recognized for who you are
You not being taken seriously

And anger is something that people like to repress
For they are afraid of their anger
Anger is not looked upon favorably in your society
In your human world
For anger is also something that people fear
It makes people afraid
And anything that makes people afraid
They tend to suppress
Or tend to deny
So if you go about in this world expressing your anger freely
People are afraid of you
Because anger is an emotion that is not accepted in human society
At least, in many societies it isn’t
And yet anger is a very healthy emotion

What makes anger unhealthy is if it comes with physical violence
If it comes with manipulation
If it comes with loud voices
Being dominant and demanding
And then it is an energy that is scary
And very manipulative
But anger as a pure form on its own
It is an expression of frustration
It is an expression of wounded-ness
As a single cry
Or a single howl
Or a single scream
Or a series of screams
There is nothing wrong with that
It is in fact very health to let the anger come out
To let the anger rage
Without wounding one’s self or others
Without harming one’s self or others
For like tears
And like pain
Emotion loves to be expressed
And in fact emotion needs to be expressed

So anger, the minute you express it
You let it rage
And you let it take over
For sometimes the anger is so deeply buried
And hidden
That when it finally comes out
It literally takes you over
The adrenaline rush takes you over
You lose control
You lose control of your self
Of your behavior
Your voice
Your limbs
Your movements
It is very purging
It is very cleansing

So we salute
And we applaud this kind of anger
Where you lose control and anger really rages in you
Of course
Without harming yourself
Or your surroundings
Or others
In fact, if you are lucky enough
To be supported by people who are not afraid of anger
And who understand anger
And who helps you to express this anger
By being a safe environment
And providing a safe environment
For you to express that anger
You are blessed
You have these people around
Professionally or privately
You are blessed

And for a lot of people
Suppressing anger
And stopping anger
And denying anger
Makes them very ill
And makes them sick
And makes them unhappy
And makes them even crazy, schizophrenic
Suppressed anger is like a sniper
It slowly kills you
So when you have trouble with expressing your anger
We suggest you go and seek professional help
To help you to make contact with that anger
To express that anger
And to let that anger out
For it will truly benefit you

So don’t suppress your anger with thoughts
Or don’t suppress your anger with words
Or don’t suppress your anger with
Worrying about what the other one think of you
Or what the other one think of it
No, start to be present with the anger
When it’s there
Look at it
Look it in the face
Welcome it and say
Okay, I can see you
I can hear you
I can feel you
Now come out
Come out and show yourself

And then you start
Maybe you start to scream
Or you start to talk loud
Or you start to yell
Or you start to bang your fists on your knees or your chest
Or you start to pull your hair
Or whatever, you know
Follow the feeling

But don’t aim your anger at somebody else
Or don’t break windows or walls or chairs
No, be with the anger
And let the anger just sweep through you
Like a hurricane
And go inside
And go to the bottom
And express the anger
In any way it wants to be expressed
Try that
Try that and see what happens
You might even go and walk in nature
Or on the beach while there is a heavy storm blowing
So you can scream and shout however much you like
Without anybody hearing you
It is very very beneficial
Or you sit in your car and you scream like crazy
While you are just driving on the highway

And if it gets too much you stop
And then you sob or you scream a bit more
And then you start to hit the dashboard
But express your anger
It’s very very beneficial
And not only give it movement
But also give it sound
Give it words
Give it a voice
And sometimes it simply starts by saying no
No, no, NO
One word
And then once it get triggered
And started
And it’s on its way
Then new words will come
And it will takeover

Try it
Try this at home
Try this in nature
Try this in your car
But try it
It will give you healing
It will give you relief
It will give you a new perspective
It will give you happiness
And this is what we wish for you

This was my message
Thank you

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