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The nature of Friendship & Soul Retrieval

The nature of Friendship & Soul Retrieval

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Today I would like to talk to you about friendship
Some aspects of friendship
And in particular, the aspect of ending the friendship
Because this can be painful
This can be hurtful

And now let me tell you something about the nature of friendship
When two people meet and recognize aspects in each other
And there grows affection or there is immediate affection
And they become friends
This friendship can be very deep and very rich and very complex
And this is good
Because friendship is really a form of love
That can go a long long way
Affection for another human being
The recognition of the other soul

And the thing with friendship is
It’s based on sympathy
But it’s also based on loyalty
Where you are loyal to the other person
And the other person is loyal to you
You are both loyal to the sympathy you have for each other

And the thing with loyalty is
It has a beautiful side
And it has a difficult side
Because as soon as the loyalty is compromised
Or it stops or it changes
It will have an influence on the friendship
So the initial sympathy
The initial affection
Can then turn into distance, disappointment, anger, betrayal

All sorts of ugly feelings can end friendship
Or can surface when the friendship is ended
This is all to do with loyalty
You were so loyal to this friendship
And to the other person
But also to the idea of being friends with that person
It was a whole world, a whole realm you and the other one created
And now that has ended
In bitterness and disappointment and sorrow
And it’s like your heart breaks
A part of you that was so into the other one
Was so connected to the other one
Is sometimes still within the void of that friendship
So you have not taken back the energy
You have not taken back that what is still there in that void
In that realm
So you are left with a hole

It’s not really a hole but to picture it as a hole
Makes it more easy to understand
So let’s say there is a hole in your heart
Just that part where the hole is
is still connected to the past
To the friendship
And the best thing for you to do is to claim that part back
And fill the hole in your heart
So that your heart can be complete again

And it’s not easy
It’s a process
It’s a ritual
It’s actually a spiritual, ancient shaman ritual
Called heart retrieval or soul retrieval
But to make it simple, try it
It might work for you

You sit still
Go inside
You meditate
You breathe
And then you connect yourself to the other person
With a sort of an umbilical cord of light
Picture it as an umbilical cord of light
So there is a distance between you and the other one
Of say five meters
And out of your navel comes this umbilical cord
Connected to the other person

And then what you do is
You cut the umbilical cord
You cut the cord
And you can use a knife, a chain saw or machete
Or sword, or a torch of fire
It can have many forms but the thing is
You cut the umbilical cord

And then it shrivels up and goes inside of you
And the other part goes inside of the other person
And you are then disconnected
And what you do after this is
You push with two hands
And you push the image of the other person
Away from you and you say
Go to your own source
Go back to your source
And then in a broad sweep
You collect as you push the other person away
To its own source
Towards its own light

With a big broad sweep of your arm
You collect all the memories
And all the love
And all the experiences
And the impressions you had together
All the adventures
All the good times, the bad times
The tears, the laughter
You collect all that with one big sweep with your arm
And you bring it to your heart
And you fill the hole in your heart

And then you turn around
And you do one step into the future
Your future
And then behind you
Two large doors close, boom
In a big wall, two doors close
And the past is closed behind you
And you walk into the future, free
With your whole heart

And it doesn’t mean from then on
That you do not think of the other person
You might think of him or her
Of course
Remember the good times
But you no longer have this anger
Or this sorrow
Or this longing
Or this…well, whatever it is
Attached feeling
Where you are something missing
Because you are complete now

You have disconnected yourself
You have disconnected your Energy entanglement with the other person
And you have reclaimed everything that was in the realm
Between you and the other person
You close the past and step into the future

These are the steps
And try it
Try it

And by cutting the cord
You release the anger
And you release the entanglement
You release the memory
I mean, the bad memory
The bad feeling
You erase all that
By pushing the other one
Away from you
Towards its own source
Its own destiny
You free yourself
And you free the other person

It’s an ancient ritual
There are more rituals to do this, even stronger
But this is something you can do on your own
In your own home
And maybe you have to do it one time
Maybe three times
Maybe five times
Maybe even ten times
If that is so, so be it
Do it ten times, it doesn’t matter
And do it ten times in the course of a period
And say, every day, once
Or every two days, once
Or every week, once
Until you are free

Because it’s a way of setting yourself free
Free from the painful memory
And the painful past
And the painful breakup
Because truly
Friendship that ends can even be more painful
Than a breakup with a girlfriend or a boyfriend
Because there is more memory
There is more strength
There is more loyalty
Friendships are usually long
Long friendships
So you have a lot of memories
And a lot of connection with the other person
So truly, it can be more painful
So it needs more work
And more attention

Try it
And set yourself free

This was my message

The MANTRA for today is:

Soul Retrieval - Mantra


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