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The importance of touch

The importance of touch

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Today I would like to talk to you about the importance of touch
You touching another human
Or you touching a living being
An animal

And we see this all the time
That touching a human being
Or touching an animal
Immediately gives you a sense of wellbeing
Immediately gives you an interchange of
Connection, love, affection

And it is very important
And if there is no human being in your life
That you can touch on a daily basis
And we mean
So being intimate with a living being
If you don’t have a human in your life
Choose an animal
And it can be a cat
It can be a dog
It can be an elephant
It can be a dolphin
It can be a hamster
It can be a bird

What happens through the touch is that
There is certain hormones that’s stimulated within you
Endorphins, serotonin
They all get stimulated to come into your blood stream
So it is very beneficial for a human being
To touch and to be touched

And if you are a grandparent
To stroke your grandchild
To hold your grandchild
To hug your grandchild
To caress your grandchild
Very beneficial for the child and for you

And if you have a mate in your life
Male or female
Please touch each other regularly
On a daily basis
Hug each other
But hold each other tight for a while
And just be in the moment
And just interchange
The atmosphere of trust and love and bonding
It is very beneficial and very necessary
And this doesn’t have to be naked always
This can be while you are clothed

And like we said
If there is no mate in your life present
Find yourself a living species
That you can caress
And stroke
And love
It is good for the animal
And it is good for you

You will receive happiness
You will receive wellbeing
You will receive health
For to touch and to be touched is not only nice
It is also very healing
So in many ways it is beneficial
It solves your loneliness
And it stimulates your happiness

So we encourage you to touch everyday
To hug every day
To cuddle every day
To kiss every day
Giving and receiving

And if it is not present in your life right now
Find yourself a way of making it happen in your life
Be creative
Open yourself to the possibility of touching
And being touched on a daily basis
And once you find somebody or an animal
To touch or to be touched by
Experience what it will bring you

And we wish this for you
We wish that exchange of love
And affection
And connection

This was our message
Thank you

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