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The importance of context

The importance of context

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Today I would like to talk to you about the importance of context
The context in which you vibrate
In which you move
In which you live
And context can also be translated as vibrational field
Let me give you an example
If you are on holiday
And you have three weeks off from your job
And you go to a foreign country
You can do two things
You can stay in one place and totally relax
And get a nice sun tan
And lay on the beach
And have a swim
Have a drink
Have some food
Have a little walk
Or read a book
And so on and so forth

And you do this
For three weeks, minus your travel time
That is a very relaxing holiday
And some people
They want to see and do as much as possible
So they move every day
Sleep every day, every night
In a new hotel
In a new city
In a new environment
See new things
A very active holiday
Climbing, rafting, skydiving, whatever
Two totally different energies
And different feelings

Now, context
So your vibrational field
The energy field in which you vibrate
Has a direct reflection on
How you feel
And how you think
And how you act
And how you relate to life

For instance
The person choosing for this relaxing holiday
Will truly wind down and relax
And become more soft
And more receptive
And more open
So basically, that person lets go
Or is inclined to let go more easily of control and stress
And trying to reach something
Being ambitious
Being active

You let go of all that energy
And you go into the energy of tranquility
If you take it one step further
You go into a meditative state
If you would like to
You could easily combine the two
So you have the relaxing holiday
Where you truly give into the need for rest
And the need for winding down

And if you take that one step further
So you don’t drink alcohol
But you start to mediate and just start to truly go inside
Inside of yourself
Maybe you do a little bit of raw food
Or a bit of juice fasting
Maybe you have a little retreat
Yoga retreat or something
You truly give into the energy field of relaxation
And coming closer to you
So the context in which you vibrate
Is a context of peace, calmness, introspection
Winding down

And the other energy field is very active
Very busy
Very passionate
Very ambitious
Very high-strung and high-speed
There is not much time for relaxation
There is not much time for letting go
There is not much time for introspection
There is not much time for reflecting on self
You simply do not create that space for yourself
You do not create the energy field in which that can happen

We don’t mean to say there is something wrong with not doing that
But it is important for you to understand
That the energy field in which you vibrate
Has a direct reflection on how you feel
And how you connect with You

If it is your wish to connect with You
To truly relax
And to truly wind down
Choose a vibrational field where you can wind down
And where you can relax

So context is very important
What is your context in daily life
Is there enough room for introspection
Is there enough room for relaxation
Is there enough room for You
For you being connected to You
You being calm
And you being at peace
Is the context in which you vibrate supporting that energy field
Inside of you
So is the energy field outside of you supporting that energy field
Inside of you

If that is what you seek
But your outer vibrational energy field is not aligned
With what you want
Then you will never get it
So if you look for peace
There needs to be peace outside of you
And there needs to be peace inside of you
Anyway, if that is the case then it is much easier to truly live
And go into the vibrational field of peace

If there is chaos and stress
And control and surviving
And fighting and anger
And emotional upheaval
Outside of you
If you are surrounded by that energy
To go inside of you is much more difficult
It is a bigger task to accomplish

So if your desire is to be at peace with You
Of course, you have to go inside
But also, you have to move and live in a vibrational field
Outside of you that is supporting that purpose
So if these two are apart right now
If there is no parallel world there
Where the outside reflects the inside
Then that is something for you to look at and to create
It will help you
It will support you

And if it doesn’t support your inner need
Your inner longing for peace
And connecting with your Essence
Then change it
Change it and work on it to change it
Choose wisely
And choose that what supports you
The context that supports you

This was our message
Thank you

The MANTRA for today is:

vibrational field-mantra

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