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Today I would like to talk to you about the healing capacity of sound and words

It may be known to all of you that sound has a frequency
Low pitched sounds have a different frequency
Than high pitched sounds
And that is why some singing
Some voices are so tender to the ear
So lovely
So beautiful
And they can move your emotions
They can touch your heart
They can make you cry
They can make you happy
They can make you melancholic

The sound of singing
The sound of music
Again, sound has a frequency
And this, for instance
Is why chanting
The old Vedic chanting of India
Is so very beneficial
The sound, Ommmmmmm
It is really clearing your head
Clearing your throat
Clearing your upper chest
Even touching your heart chakra
It opens up and aligns all the upper chakras
And even if you let the Ommmm really sink deep into you
It will even touch and align from the base chakra up
So you awaken that whole Kundalini energy

But today I also want to stress
The choice of your words is also very important
And why is that
To each word you say there is a frequency connected
If you chose a word with which you express self-hatred
For instance, I am always lazy
Or I am so lazy
Or I am so stupid
Or I am so ugly
You actually use words that represent a low frequency
So even if you meditate and try to raise your energy
Raise your energy level through living consciously
You eat well
You sleep well
You don’t smoke
You don’t drink alcohol
You do your meditations
You do your exercises
You try to raise your level of energy
A lot of people are busy with that

Now, if you are, at the same time
Use words in which you express self-loathing
Or self hatred
Or negative self talk
For instance like
I am ugly
I am fat
I am stupid
I am lazy
I am…words like that
You immediately lower your frequency, again
So those words
That choice of words drags you down
And it not only drags you down
It keeps you in that lower realm of frequency
So healing will have a harder time to reach you there
Because you keep that in the dark
Instead of bringing that out into the light
And out in the open
You keep it in the dark by repeating it
And repeating it, and repeating it

Watch yourself on a daily basis
You will see that you have a lot of negative self-talk
Where you bring yourself down
Or where you bring others down
That doesn’t really matter
The minute you bring yourself
Or somebody else
Or something down
You tap into a low frequency

Now, how to avoid that
Choose positive words
Choose words that bring your energy up
That bring your whole frequency up
And the strongest word to do that is
The use of the word Love

And you have all heard
Of the ancient Hawaiian healing method of Ho’oponopono
And that is actually a very effective healing method
All you have to do is say, I love you
To you
To that part in you that chooses the low frequency words
Either for yourself or for something outside of you
Or somebody outside of you
For instance
If you aim your energy at the American president
The present President
A lot of people in this world
Have very negative words for this man
And the minute you ridicule this man
Whether you are right or not is not important
The minute you ridicule this man
He is an easy target for many
You actually lower your own frequency

So instead of aiming your negative feelings
And thoughts towards that man
Go back to yourself
And just put your hand on your heart chakra
And make a circular movement
Very light
Barely touching your heart chakra
Just on the surface of your skin
Your clothing
In a circular movement
Left or right doesn’t matter
And then say to your heart chakra
I love you
I love you
I love you
So what you are basically doing then is saying
I love you to that part in you that is aiming negativity
Towards, in this case, the American president
But you will find yourself aiming negativity
More than a thousand times a day at people
At movements
At pictures
At things you see
Things you think

You have been raised with so many negative opinions
So even if you do Yoga
And you do meditation
And if you turn into the frequencies of love and light
You are still tapping into the energy of lower frequencies
On a daily basis
Many many many many times
Because of your personal opinion towards people
Towards things you see
If you are in an airport and you see a father scold his child
Or hit his child
And you have been abused by your own parent or parents
When you were young
You will immediately vibrate with that energy
And all that anger
And all that pain
And all that injustice
Flairs up in you
So you have a very strong negative emotion
Towards the father
Or towards the parent that is abusing the child, in public
You can feel the shame and the pain of the child
Because it has happened to you

Now, all you have to do at that moment
Instead of aiming your anger and your opinion
At that father
At that parent
At that mother
Look at the child
And connect with the child within you
That abused, pained child and say to yourself
While you make that circular movement over your heart
I love you
I love you
I am sorry
Please forgive me
I love you
I love you

So you say I love you to your own pain that is triggered
And if you exercise like this
And you do this all day, every day
You will, in the meantime
Heal a lot of your own pain
It’s very effective

And this is what we would like to say today about frequencies
The frequencies of sound and words
Think about it, and love yourself more
And heal your pain by loving yourself

This was our message
Thank you

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