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The benefit of sickness

The benefit of sickness

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Today I would like to talk to you about the benefit of sickness

And the kind of sickness we talk about here is like,
Say the flu or a cold
Or food poisoning
Or high fevers
Or something that stops you in your tracks
Something that slows you down to almost zero
In an instant
So generally, this would take like
A couple of days to maybe two
Maximum three weeks
This is the kind of sickness we talk about
And this is the kind of process we talk about

So you eat less
You sleep a lot
You rest a lot
And your thinking is almost disabled
You feel very disorganized
You can’t think straight
Your thoughts are not running
And are not logical
And all you can do really is lay down
On your bed
Or on your couch
Or hang on your couch
Or hang in your chair
And you feel weak, feeble
And maybe you even are in pain
You are having fever
And you’ll sleep a lot

This kind of sickness we talk about
So this is not about breaking your leg
Or other illnesses
Like for instance, having cancer
This is not what we mean

It’s really the short intense periods
Where your life is switched off for a little while

The great benefit of that kind of sickness is
It is as if you are totally being reset
So all the energy goes into being miserable
And all the energy goes into recovery
Your whole body is mobilized for you to recover
And your brain functionality
And even your emotional functionality
Are disabled to a certain degree
Now, it is almost like you are in a grace period
Like you are in a zone
A zone where you are truly being reset

And it is almost, always, the case
That if you get this kind of sickness
You truly need it
It is necessary in your life at that moment
For you to reset
So to slow down completely
Shut off the computer
And somewhat later
Switch it on again and reboot and restart
You can truly compare it with that

And you will feel that with the restart
And the rebooting of your computer
So to speak
There is a new energy
And a new thought path
And a new freshness, crispness
To the energy that you emerge with
From that sickness
So it is as if the Phoenix is arisen from the ashes
That’s the feeling
You feel invigorated
You feel energized
You feel good

And there are new thoughts
New insights
New plans
It’s fresh
It’s crisp
Like the readymade salad that you eat now
If you eat it tomorrow it already has lost its crispness

Now, it is very important to be aware of this new energy
Because within this new energy
There is a clear message for you
For your life
For your business
For your relationship
For whatever has your attention and your focus
The minute you come out with new energy
The minute you come out of your sickness
And it’s a time spent of twenty-four, forty-eight
And sometimes seventy-two hours which will give you
A lot of creative, bubbling, new energy and insights

And it’s important to write them down
Because there is mostly
So many ideas
Or so many visions
Or so much inspiration
That you are not able to carry all this out
In one day
Or two days
Or even a week
So write it down

Write down exactly what it is
That emerges with this reset
This reboot
And let the energy run through you
And enjoy it
Because it’s truly very nice
Very new
Very energetic
A very strong energy

And once the download
Because that is what is happening
There is new information
Downloaded into you
Into your energy field
And it is us who download this energy into you
We are very much involved in the insights
And the inspiration you receive at these special times
And it’s always beneficial to you, to your life

And after you have written it all down
Then you go and start to put it all into action
And work from there

So truly, to be ill for a short period is very very beneficial
You might not like it
It might not be pleasant
But it is truly a life reset
And if you view it as such
And even make use of it as such
You will benefit from this
And in that instance, sickness is good
It helps you

So this might change your view on sickness
On illness

It is there for a reason
And it is there to contribute to your life

This was our message
Thank you

The MANTRA for today is:

Sickness - Mantra


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