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The art of letting go

The art of letting go

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Today I would like to talk to you about the art of letting go

All of you know this feeling of almost being obsessed
Obsessed by a feeling
Or obsessed by a thought
So your mind is racing on this one subject
This one thought
This one memory
Or projected outcome
Or whatever
Your mind is racing
And no matter what you try to do
It won’t stop
It is coming back
It keeps you awake at night
It distracts you during the daytime
That’s why we say it’s obsessive
Because it almost feels obsessive

And the same goes for emotion
A particular feeling
Often they go hand in hand
Your emotion is in turmoil
And your head is racing
And it’s all around this one subject
The whole turmoil is evolving around this one subject
And no matter what you try, you can’t get rid of it
You can’t let go

Now, what to do?

You, first of all, choose the three-step rocket to happiness
Which is:
You close your eyes and when you are in turmoil
To bring yourself to the moment
The point where you sit down and close your eyes
It’s almost impossible
And yet it’s the shortest way of getting rid of the turmoil
So do it anyway
Sit down or lay down and close your eyes
And make sure that no body parts are crossed
Not your legs
Not your arms
And when you close your eyes you feel your feet
And when you lay down you feel the back of your body
The whole backside of your body
And feel how the feet or the backside of your body
Connect to the earth through gravity
Feel the pull of gravity
When you sit down it feels like a push
And when you lay down it might feels as a pull

And after you connected with mother earth
Through gravity
Now you are ready to connect with your breath
And you do not have to do anything
You just follow the rhythm of the breath
In and out
Up and down
And when you are in so much turmoil
And when you are so obsessively feeling and thinking
To connect with the breath is difficult

But it is also extremely beneficial
Because it will immediately center you
It will immediately calm you
It will immediately bring you into another state
There will happen an energy shift
And allow yourself to make that shift

So once you ride on your breath to the other side of turmoil
Where peace and calm and stillness reside
Then you are okay
Then you can let go
You will be able to let go
Because now you are calm
And now you feel how the tension in your body
In your mind
Is losing its grip
You feel how calmness and softness come back to you
And stay with your breath
And keep breathing
And feel how you slowly start to unwind
How the stress level reduces
And if you do this long enough
It will be reduced to zero
You will feel completely calm
At ease
Your mind is quiet
Your feelings are quiet
And all there is, is you and your breath
You and feeling relaxed and being calm

And now, stay with that feeling for a while
And you might even fall asleep
Because now you are relaxed
And now the tiredness of having being so tense kicks in
The tiredness kicks in
The tiredness takes over
And the body and the mind finally get the rest they deserve
And you’ll fall asleep into a deep deep deep healing sleep

And while you are still awake and so relaxed
Ask us, help me to heal
Help me to heal and to clean
And to relax even further
And you keep on breathing
And now you fall asleep
And now while you are asleep
We will work on you
We will heal you
We will heal your whole energy field
First clean it
Take all the stress hormones
And all that anxiety
Clean that out of your aura
Out of your energy field
And once that is clean we can now heal you

And we can work on that thought pattern
We can work on the source of that obsession
And once that is healed
You might after that wake up or keep on sleeping
But what you will feel when you wake up
You will feel, you have been really really far away
You have been in a deep trance-like sleep
You might even feel a little bit disconnected
But don’t worry
After a while you are back on your feet
You are back in your body
And you will feel much better
Your mind is calm
Your feelings are calm
And that whole thing that you obsessed about so much
Has gone
It seems far away as if it was almost never there
And you feel content
You feel good

And that is what we wish for you
For you to feel good

This was our message
Thank you

The MANTRA for today is:

Letting Go - Mantra


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