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People are not responding to you in a loving way
You do not feel loved
You encounter hostility, unfriendliness, indifference
And you are longing for love
Be aware that this is a reflection of something inside of you that is lacking
And what is lacking is you loving yourself
For the minute you love yourself
You will feel and see and encounter love all around you
That’s a law of the universe
It’s a universal law
The minute you love yourself
Love will flow inside of you
And outside of you

So the minute love is not present in your life enough
If you are longing for love
The answer will never be on the outside
All you have to do is go inside
And start healing the wounds and the blockages
And the trauma
And the memories
And the self-hatred
The negative self-talk that prevents you from loving yourself
And we know it sounds easier than done
To do it
To go inside
And to start the healing
It is a challenge but it is also a possibility
And all you really have to do is
Close your eyes
To go inside
Feel your feet
Follow your breath
Put one hand, it doesn’t matter which hand
On your heart chakra
And start to say to yourself
I love you
I love you
I love you
And I am sorry that you are lacking love in your life right now
I am sorry you do not see much love in your life right now
I am sorry you do not encounter much love in your life right now
But I love you
I love you
I love you
I do love you deeply and truly

And the I here is of course you
That part in you that does not feel loved
That does not love itself
So you start to talk to that part
And you say to that part
I do love you
Although you do not feel loved
And although you do not believe me loving you
And although you reject the love that I feel for you
I do love you anyway
I love you
I truly love you

And this is how your journey starts
This is how you start to talk to your unhealed emotional layers
The layers that are hurt
That feel denied
That feel lonely
That feel rejected
That feel ridiculed
That feel abandoned
That are afraid
That are angry
That are sad
All these parts in you
You call them forward by telling them
I love you
And every thought and every feeling of
Self-loathing that comes up
Or self-denial
Or self-hatred
Every sentence of negative self-talk that comes up
All you have to do is say
I love you
Thank you for showing yourself
Thank you for being present here and now
You are welcome
I love you
I love you
And I am sorry you feel this way
I am sorry you feel so lonely
I am sorry you feel so cynical
I am sorry you feel so suspicious
I am sorry you feel so angry
But I love you
I love you
And I will always love you

And you can imagine
It will take time and patience
And it will take effort
And it will take commitment
You have to be willing to do the work
But let us tell you
This is a very gentle
But very effective method
If you do this daily
And you truly do it all the time
You do it say
Half an hour each day
And you also do it whenever a negative feeling
Or a negative thought comes up
You simply lay your hand on your heart chakra and say
I love you
Thank you for showing yourself
I do love you
And you will soon recognize you are getting better at it
You are getting better at it
The more you do it
The more it becomes natural
The more you will recognize when it is needed
And the more it will become easy

And we recommend this
Do this a week
A month
A couple of months
Half a year
A year
And you will notice dramatic changes in your life
For the better
Positive changes
And you will recognize that
Love slowly starts to come into your life everyday more
So this is truly a very powerful
And very effective method
We recommend this

This was our message
Thank you

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