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Take action

Take action

This whisper that I would like to convey to you today is about decisiveness

We have talked about trust
And surrender
And follow the process
And visualize
And create your own reality
And if you do not like the reality you live in now
Create a reality that you do like
And visualize that and bring that into your life

Yes, we have explained to you the mechanics of
How surrender works
How choosing a reality works
We have talked in our Whispers until now
About the process of creating
Creating your own reality
Choosing your own reality
And taking responsibility for your own reality
And that is something I would like to go into more today
Taking responsibility for your reality

And how do you do that
First of all, you meditate on what you long for
What you are unhappy with
What you would like to change
That’s where it starts

There is a reality you live in now and you do not like that reality
So you meditate on what you would like
And then from the depths of your soul comes a reflection
Where you say, hey I would like my reality to be so and so
You can call it your dream
You can call it your big dream
You can call it whatever you like
But it is a vision
It is a picture

And now by daily calling that reality into your life
By pulling that reality into your life
Eventually that reality will become your new reality
This is how it works

Of course there are certain techniques to it
There are certain amounts of actions you have to take
And that is what I would like to talk to you about today

If you want to create a different reality
Co-create this new reality with the Universal Laws
There is one thing you have to do every day
And that is, take massive action
Without action you will never achieve your dream

What do I mean by action
You have created this dream
And now you pull this dream into your reality
I have spoken about this in different Whispers
So read all the Whispers
And you will see the process how I explained that to you
I will not go into that today

You pull this reality slowly into your existence
And eventually this new reality starts to take shape and form
And becomes truly your new reality
But never, ever, ever, ever
Never without you taking massive action on a daily basis
Almost every day

And the most easy way to do this is that
You sit and meditate on your dream, upon your dream
The vision you have
The dream you want
And then ask the Universe
Ask your inner guidance
Ask your intuition
Ask your Spirit Tribe
What action shall I take today, and do I need to take today
To bring me one step closer to my dream
What is the action I should do today

And you will get a clear answer
You will get a clear image
It might be logic
It might be illogic
Do not worry about it
Take it on face value and go and do that action
Whether it’s small
Whether it’s big
If it’s really big and you need a couple of days
Or weeks to do it, do a bit every day, but do it

You ask for the action
And the picture of the action comes to you
And then act upon that what you receive
And this is how you co-create that new reality in your life
So the universe does its part
You do your part
And together you pull this new reality into your life
Action, without action you will not succeed

This was my message


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