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Today I would like to talk to you about
Speeding up your transformation process

If you wish to do so
There are a few shortcuts
Let’s call them shortcuts
To speed up your transformation

And one of the shortcuts is to
Temporarily change your pattern of
Basically the way you live your daily life
And there are many ways to do this
But the simplest way is
To abstain from food
For let’s say a week
Ten days
And if you wish, longer

Abstain from solid food
So fill yourself with juices, water, tea
So this is a method of fasting
And what it does
It makes a gap
It gives you an entrance, a door, a portal
Into a reality that normally you are not able to access
So it opens a window of opportunity
For you to step into a reality
That is different from your normal reality

And in this new reality
You can discover tools
And insights
And messages
And teachings
For you alone
Custom made
Because you do the effort of
Changing your ways
So you stop all the addiction
You stop all the habits
You stop yourself in your tracks

Because many of you when you do this fasting
You abstain from drinking
From smoking
From eating meat
From drinking coffee
So caffeine, nicotine
So for many of you this is a big effort
And it sort of calibrates your whole reality
And it propels you into a realm where
We are able to be more in contact with you
Our message comes to you more clearly
More deeply
More directly
So we suggest
If you really take your transformation serious
Try fasting
Try it

Abstain from food
And if you combine that by
Abstaining from social media
And from using your phone
From watching TV
And so on and so forth
You break so many habitual patterns
In one go
That transformation is bound to happen
It’s easy
And we strongly suggest you try this

Now, abstaining from food, solid food
And all the other things mentioned
Is one thing
But you can also abstain and do this retreat
Or do this fasting from talking
So this is like a silence retreat
Silent mediation for a week
Ten days
Fourteen days
That too is a great effort
And a great breaking of the pattern of habit

And there are a few more ways
If you are interested
And if you start to look for them
They will find you too
They will start to call you
They will start to show themselves
Through an article
Through the internet
Through somebody you meet
Some conversation you overhear
They can come to you in many ways and fashions
And if there is any such way calling you
And saying, hey, try me
And you think, hey, I should try that
Please do
Because then this is for you

And while you are doing this
In the middle of you following this meditation
Or this abstinence of food
Or being silent
Or whatever
However the method is
Make the effort of closing your eyes
And go inside
And feel your breath
And do some meditation

Make that effort
Of consciously connecting with us
By asking us, please help me with this
Now that I am abstaining from food
During this week
During this ten days
Please connect with me
On this and this and this matter
I have been fighting with loving this woman
Loving this man
I have been fighting with my work
I have been fighting with this question
With this problem
Please help me with that

So, that is again, from your side
An effort and an invitation to us
Please, help me
And we promise
We will help you

Try this
And enjoy it
We strongly recommend

This was our message
Thank you

The MANTRA for today is:

Transformation Process - Mantra


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