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Sincerity and truth go hand in hand

Sincerity and truth go hand in hand

Today I would like to talk to you about sincerity
And sincerity has two different aspects, if you wish

First, of course there is the sincerity of who you are
Towards others
The sincerity with which you live your life
And you interact with other human beings
And then there is another aspect of sincerity
And this is to be sincere and true to your own inner being
Your own values
Your own truth
So yes sincerity and truth go hand in hand

Now, first let’s contemplate on the aspect
of sincerity in relation to other human beings
Your doings
If there is sincerity there is also non-sincerity
This double faced-ness
You pretend to be one thing
While in the reality you are something else
You have a different agenda
You are somebody else
Or you want something else

So to be sincere means also to be transparent
You are as a human transparent for the other one
What you say
What you think
And what you do
Are in accordance and in alignment with one another
There is no hidden agenda there
If you say, I love you
This is what you feel
You feel love for the other one
And you say this
And you give this love
And by saying it
You also feel that
And you give it
From the wholeness of your heart
The fullness of your heart
Because, I love you, are the most misused words
In this world besides yes and no
Yes, no, and I love you
Are the most misused words in this world
So this is why I tell you to say the words, I love you
Many many many people use the three words
I love you in order to manipulate the other one
To get something from the other one
Or to get a result
So it is not about loving the other one
It is about getting the result
Sometimes you want the other one’s body
Sometimes you want the other one’s money
Sometimes you want the other one’s time and energy

So the words “I love you” are being said in this world
Out of non-sincerity
Out of manipulation
With a hidden agenda
But he or she who is sincere
And sincerely saying, I love you
I love you and there are no strings attached
I love you from the fullness and the wholeness of my heart
Because I feel this love for you
And I do not want anything in return
I just want you to know that I love you
That you are loved by me
That I feel for you, this energy of love
And I give it back to you, here
I share it with you

This is my feeling
The feeling I get when I am with you
When I look at you
When I hear you speak
When I see you smile
When I see you weep
You give me this tremendous feeling of love
And by saying to you I love you
I share this feeling back with you

That is sincerity
You are sincere
You are transparent
You are in alignment with what you say
And what you feel
And what you do
And that is what sincerity is all about
To be true

It’s an energy really
It’s an atmosphere
An atmosphere of truth
Of wholeness
Of abundance
There is no lack there
Sincerity doesn’t know lack
Sincerity has an abundance of fullness or
Wholeness in itself
There is nothing missing
There is nothing wrong
There is nothing needed

There needs to be nothing added
Sincerity is whole and full in itself
And to be in that space
And to come from that space while being with somebody else
Is sharing the beauty you feel inside
The wholeness
The fullness you feel inside of you
And around you
You share that with the other one
And this is a healing energy
There is instant healing
If you meet the other one from sincerity

And we all know how it feels
When we meet or come from its counterforce
Immediately there is something lacking
There is no fullness
There is no wholeness
There is no abundance
There is a poorness
A totally different energy
It’s not nurturing
It is not fulfilling
There is a sneakiness
There is a hiding
There is even fear
There is greed
So there is a whole lot of other feelings
And energies involved in non-sincerity

And the result of the non-sincerity
Will always be unfavorable
Will always be filled with negativity
Or with lack, in the least
So the comparison between the two forces
The two qualities, sincerity and non-sincerity is huge

And, contemplate on the differences
Contemplate on it
Meditate on it
Feel the difference between these two forces
And then chose which one do you want to be surrounded by
Which one do you want to be guided by
Which one do you want to live
Sincerity or non-sincerity

And if you chose sincerity
You chose a beautiful path
But it is not an easy path
You will have to stop yourself
And re-educate yourself
Reinvent yourself, many many times
In many situations
There will be a constant choice
Am I being sincere here
Am I going to be sincere here
Or am I going to be non-sincere
It’s a choice

And we invite you to chose wisely
For sincerity,
To live in that space
And to reach out to others from that space
Is very beautiful
And very beneficial

This was my message

The MANTRA for today is:

Sincerity and truth go hand in hand


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