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Today we have a message for the world

What is going on right now, worldwide
Is that people are very much
And very strongly voicing their opinion
And a lot of it is about wrong and right
I am right and you are wrong
And there is nothing wrong in having an opinion
But when you are not aware that it is only your opinion
It doesn’t have to be true
In fact, it isn’t true
It is only your perception of reality

So, from your point of view
In your perception
In your personal awareness bubble
You perceive a person
Or you perceive the world
Or you perceive a thing
Or a movement
Or something that happened
You perceive it from your understanding
From your level of consciousness
From your level of awareness
And you label it
And you define it
And you form an opinion
You like it or you dislike it
You love it or you hate it
You think it is right or you think it’s wrong

But all of that is only based on emotion
There is no real reality to it
It is either fear-based or non-fear based
So it is out of love
Or out of habit
Or out of personal taste

And what is happening right now on social media
Is that people state their opinion
And if somebody voices an opinion that you do not like
Or that you don’t like or you don’t agree with
Then you kill the other person off
You kill the other person’s opinion
But not only do you kill his or her opinion
You kill the other person

We see this all the time
People fighting and bickering on social media
And this is a sign of the time
Because people become more and more and more vocal
People become more and more aware of their own truth
This is a worldwide phenomenon going on, and with it
And with social media
Comes to state your opinion
To say what you think
To voice what you think
And that is of course good
To give your own truth, your own opinion, a voice

We applaud this
But the side effect
Of killing off anybody that doesn’t agree with you
Or starting to become a missionary
Where your belief and your church and your personal opinion
Becomes the truth
And everybody else is wrong
This is very very limited
And also very limiting
Because not only do you limit your own reality
You also try to limit the reality of somebody else

And you can’t
You just can’t limit somebody else’s reality
Of course you can threaten somebody
You can say I’m going to kill you
Because you think this
Or I’m going to harm you and your children
Because you think this
Or you state this
Or you say this
But this is so wrong
There is no love in that

So the minute your opinion becomes the truth
And the only truth
Love and reason and sensibility and wisdom
Are out of the door
They are no longer present
They are not there
There is only your blind opinion
And some people are truly prepared
To kill for their opinion
To kill for their truth
Either with words
Or with true guns, knives, bombs

So that’s what’s going on in your world right now
And it is amplified by social media
This has always been there
There has always been people and their opinion
And now through social media this is amplified
And it has become epidemic

But to be honest
There is no love in that
I’ll say it again
There is no love in that
There is no freedom in that
There is no wisdom in that
There is no humanity in that

For instance
In a country where it is very strong at the moment is
The United States of America
America is divided
People are literally breaking away from each other
And this is very sad
But you humans have to go through this phase
Because it is a phase
You will grow out of this
But it will take quite a few years
And it will take a long time before you understand
That this will bring you nothing
This will bring the earth nothing
It will bring humanity nothing

And on a personal level
How do you stop this?
How do you end this?
If you want to end this
If you are at a point where you can see
And feel and understand
Hey, this is not the way to get my way
No matter what
To say what I think and feel
No matter what
No matter if I hurt people
Or even kill people with words
Not literally but with words
The minute you decide
Hey, that doesn’t work for me
Because I create a reality without love
The minute you want to stop this pattern inside of yourself
The only thing you have to do is
Go inside
Close your eyes
Go inside and meditate

This is one of the great benefits of meditation
To go inside
To become quiet
To breathe
And to connect with a realm inside of you
Where there is silence
And wisdom
And knowledge
And where opinion doesn’t matter

So, a way to exercise this is
Whenever you are on Facebook
Or any other social media
And you are triggered by somebody’s opinion
And you want to tell this person
Hey, you are totally wrong
I don’t agree with you because ta ta ta ta ta
So you go for it

Normally you would go for it
And kill off the other person
Instead of doing that
You put away your phone
And you close your eyes
And you go inside
And you become quiet
And you know what
Within five or ten minutes
You are in a totally different realm
And the opinion of the other person
Doesn’t matter anymore

And if it does
If it keeps biting you
And bothering you
This is beautiful to meditate
Because it is only a reflection
Of something inside of you
Of an aspect inside of you that gets triggered
And all you have to do is look at yourself
Look at, and discover
And investigate
What aspect in me is being triggered here?

That is all that you have to do
And once you have done that
Once you have discovered
Ah, wait a minute
This is what pushed my button
Then you can let go
Let go
And the beauty is
At that moment love is restored within you
Connection is restored within you

So instead of killing off the other person with your opinion
You connect with yourself
And you reconnect with the love in yourself
The wisdom in yourself
And truly if you do this often
And more often
And more often
Your reality becomes more pleasant
You become more pleasant
Why, because there is more love present
More love consciousness present in your world
And we wish that for you
We wish you to have a life filled with love and light

This was my message
Thank you

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