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Resisting the flow of life

Resisting the flow of life

So, today we would like to contemplate on the subject of resisting
You resisting the flow of life
The flow of energy
Flowing through you freely

There are these mornings that you wake up
And everything inside of you screams almost, NO
No, not another day to work
No, not another day doing what I’m doing
No, not another day living the life I am living

And this resistance can be there on a mental level
On an emotional level
On a physical level
Your back is hurting
Your feet are aching
Your head is bursting
Your stomach is upset
Whatever the sensation is in you
There is resistance
You are filled with resistance
So your energy field is saying no to life
No to the universe
No to love and light

Now, what to do
There is a very very simple way of solving this problem
And if you think it is a problem
You just sit down or lay down
And close your eyes
You don’t do what you would usually do
Let’s say like, you would call in sick
Or you would stay in bed and sleep another two hours
You might still do this
But first try this simple method to shift your energy
So that a whole new perspective comes to you
As a possibility
And from that everything else is possible
So a whole new world will show itself after this exercise

So, sit down
Close your eyes
And find your breath
And follow your breath
Just the simple rhythm of in and out
And feel your feet in the meantime
On the floor
On the ground
Beneath you
And feel this resistance
Feel, why do I have to breathe
Why do I have to feel my feet
Why do I have to blah blah blah blah blah
You know, you are full of resistance
You are full of objections
You don’t want to live this life right now
So, after following your breath for a while
You will find that you become a little bit more calm
A little bit more centered
And yet all this resistance is still there

Now, what you do is ask us for help
Say to us
Can you please shift my energy
Can you please lift this resistance from my energy field
Can you please clean my energy field
Can you heal my energy field
And can you fill me with love and light
For that is what I want
I want to be filled by love and light
So whatever there is in my energy field resisting life
Please clean that for me
Take that out of me
Take this away
Make it go away

And after it is gone
Fill me with love and light
Thank you
And then you become quiet
Or you remain quiet
And you surrender
Surrender that what you have just asked us
Surrender it to the universe
And let us work on you for five minutes
Ten minutes
Fifteen minutes

Let us work on you with subtle energy
And notice how this dark heavy cloud
Is slowly lifting
How it is being pulled out of you
And how you connect more to you
And how you connect more to your love
Your self_love
Your love for life
Your love for self

Your heart chakra is now open
And in harmony
And all your other chakras are in harmony with one another
Your aura is clean and clear
And you can feel love and light again
You can be in the now
Fully free
Fully happy
Fully light

And you can choose again
What is your choice
Do you choose resistance
Or do you choose life
And if you choose life
Go and live your life
Be happy

This was our message
Thank you

The MANTRA for today is:

Resistance - Mantra


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