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The minute you feel disconnected from source energy
There are a few things you can do to solve that

And the first thing you can do is
Close your eyes
Feel your feet
Find your breath
And go inside
For connection with self
Can only be found inside

And another thing that will help you greatly is
If you connect to one or more of the elements
That is why walking along the beach
Or walking in the woods
Or sitting next to a fire
Or being on a boat on the water
Is so soothing
And connecting you with you

And once you are connected with you
You automatically connect to source energy
So you can either meditate
Become quiet and meditate
Or you can go outside
Into the rain
Into the storm
To the beach
Into the woods
And if that is not a possibility
Light a fire in your backyard
Or even on your balcony
Or if you have a fireplace or a stove
Light the fire in your house
And sit next to the fire and stare into the flames
Into the nothingness
And absorb the heat
And absorb the element fire
If you are outside in the storm
Absorb the element air
If you are out in the rain
Absorb the element water
If you walk along the beach
Or the shore of a lake
Absorb the element water
And the element earth

So there is many ways to connect with self
Either through meditation
By grounding yourself
You contact the element earth
And then by breathing
You contact the element air
Or go outside and expose yourself to the elements
And you might have to walk for an hour
Or you have to sail
Or be on your boat on the water for an hour
Even longer
Maybe two, three hours
But eventually
You will feel how peace and calmness come into you

And how you reconnect with self
How you reconnect through self with source energy
It is simple, but effective
The only thing you have to do is
Stop yourself in your tracks
And go do it
And go meditate
Go inside
Or go outside and connect with the elements
Just do it
That’s all you have to do

This was our message
Thank you.

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