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Today’s whisper is about protecting yourself
Protecting yourself from other people targeting you
Because that is sometimes what people do
They target you
They aim their anger
Aim their jealousy
Aim their frustration
Aim their hatred
Towards you

And if you are sensitive you can feel this
And it can really bother you, emotionally
It can mess with your mind
It can mess with your feelings
And you’ll be in turmoil
You’ll be restless
You’ll be constantly disturbed on an energy level
By this person
Or you’ll feel disturbed by this person

And since they have targeted you
They are busy with you
aiming their bad energy towards you
And you don’t need this in your life
And you don’t want this in your life
So you have to protect yourself
From people doing this to you
Temporarily or permanently
Because some people can go on for years

Now, how do you protect yourself
It is very important for you to have a daily ritual in your life
And that is something for you to decide
Do you want it to be a morning ritual
An afternoon ritual or an evening ritual
The advantage of a morning ritual is that
The energy of the ritual will be with you
And will travel and journey with you throughout the day

And this is a ritual where you go inside
And quieten yourself
And talk to your inner essence
Your inner intuition
And there on an energy level
You can protect yourself
By simply asking for protection

So, you could say, please protect me today
Protect me with white light
Protect me with love and light
Protect me from any energy aimed at me that’s not good for me
That’s not beneficial
Please protect me
Protect me from negative energies aimed at me

So you simply state what it is that you want
And we, from the spirit world, we hear your call
And we will protect you
There are many spirits that are willing to help you
And willing to protect you
And if you allow them
By saying out loud
Please help me
Please protect me
They will do that
That’s exactly what they will do
It’s that simple, it is very simple

And the thing is
Your mind maybe doesn’t believe it
Your mind can’t grasp it anyway!
So you might doubt whether this is true or not
Take it on face value
Take it as real
Because it is real
What we are saying to you now is very very real

So, if it is bad energies that are bothering you
Make it a habit to have a daily ritual
Where you go inside
Where you become quiet
And where you ask for protection

And will the other person stop?
Not immediately
But since you are protected
Their energy bounces off
And after a while they forget why you are so interesting
And they forget to bother with you
And they forget about their whole business
And they will find a new victim
And aim their frustration
Their jealousy
Their anger
Towards another person
And that’s good for you

It’s not good for the other person
But, hey, this Whisper is for them as well
But you have found this Whisper
So this Whisper is for you

Try it
Give it a try
Don’t try it for a day
Don’t try it for a week
Don’t try it for a month
Try it for three months
For half a year
For a year
And see what it brings you
You will be amazed

This was my message
Thank you

Copyright © 2018 Channeled by Briant&Jaldhara – All Rights Reserved

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