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Playing small in life

Playing small in life

Many of you are playing small in life
Playing safe in life
Because this is what life has taught you
This is what your mother and your father
And your teachers
And your culture
And your society
And your politicians
And everybody has taught you
Play it small
Play it safe
Do not think that you are bigger
And better than us
For you are not

You are just a human
You are just a boy or a girl
So don’t you get any ideas into your head
About greatness
About exceeding
About being somebody big
Because in our family we are normal
We are poor
And this is who we are and what we are
We will never be rich in our family

In our family
In our village
In our culture
In our country even
We like to be down to earth
No time for dreaming
No place for dreaming
Let alone dreaming big

So you grow up with this, almost spell
Do NOT exceed
Do NOT dream big
Don’t you DARE to be different
So you inhale that reality
And anything that comes up inside of you
That wants to excel
That wants to dream big
That wants to be different
Hits its head against the wall
That is put in front of you
The wall of, don’t you dare to be different

And every time you try
Because you are a child
So you try
Somebody hits you on the head saying
Who do you think you are
Who the hell do you think you are
You are nobody
You are just a child
Shut up and act normal
Otherwise I’ll punish you

So, you get beaten down
And you get punished for trying to let yourself
Your originality
Your essence
To come out
There is no room for your essence
Who do you think you are
What essence
We have never heard of essence or
What the hell you even come up with this word

Of course, you are a child so you don’t even know
What the word means
But it is your essence that wants to flourish and bloom
And grow and show itself
Show its beauty
Show its capacity
And you are not allowed
You are being restricted
You are being honed and boxed

So truly, all your capacity is being cocooned
Do not think that you are somebody big
Or somebody else
Or somebody whatever
Don’t be stupid
When you are sixteen
Or eighteen
Or twenty
You are going to have a job
A proper job
And you are going to have a family
A wife, and you are going to have children
And you are going to work all your life
And bury whoever you are deeply
Because there is no room for this nonsense

Many many many of you are raised like this
And when you are grown up you are modest human beings
Modest grownups
With little expectation of greatness in life
And your credo is, be normal
And you are playing small
And you are playing safe all your life
Because this is what you have learnt
This is what life has taught you

But to be honest
It has got nothing to do with who you truly are
For your essence
Your originality
Your true humanity
Your true aspect of the soul
That wants to show itself in this life
That wants to grow and blossom and flourish
And really express itself
Has never ever have a chance to even know that it’s there
You have totally forgotten that this is even there
Deep deep inside of you there is this truth
This essence
This aspect of your soul that wants to express itself in this lifetime

And it is always great
It is always original
It is always beautiful
And it is always a contribution to mankind
But since you have learnt to be normal
And to play small
And to bury all that what is truly inside of you
You yourself have no idea that it’s even there

Now, how to change that
First of all you have to be prepared to
Accept this truth that we are just telling you now
You have to be willing to accept this truth
And once you accept the possibility that this is true
Then in your quiet meditative state
After grounding yourself
And connecting with your inner being
Through your breath
Ask us for help

Ask us
Please help me
To discover and to express my original me
Please help me
To uncover everything that has been buried deep inside of me
Please help me
To uncover that and show me the beauty of who I really am
Show me the beauty of my originality
Show me the beauty of my soul
That aspect of my soul that wants to express itself in this lifetime
Show me that reality and help me to bring that up
And to bring that to life
And to start expressing ME
And being me
And living according to me
Please help me with that

And if you do this once
We will hear you
And if you do this twice
We will hear you
And if you do this three times
Four times
One week
One month
One year
We will help you
We cannot help you if you only ask this once
Of course, we will start to help you
But you have to continue to ask for this
Ask our help and act upon the little ideas
The little words
The little insights
The little help we are giving you

You will meet new people
You will meet new ideas
You will encounter new situations
And slowly, little by little by little by little
You will develop
You will uncover
You will discover your true self

But this is an ongoing process
So you will have to ask for this
More than one time
Truly, this is a process that could easily take
One, two, three, four, five years
So, you have to be diligent
And willing
And committed
But if you do the work
We certainly will do the work as well
We will help you
We will be very happy and gladly help you

So if you are adventurous
Or if you feel like being adventurous
Or you want to be adventurous
And you want to give this a try
Please, we encourage you
We invite you
Ask us to help you and we gladly will
For this is what you have come to this earth for
To express this aspect of your soul in this lifetime
This particular aspect of your greatness
Of your grandeur
Of your….YOU
For without you
Creation, manifestation, is not complete

Thank you
This was my message

The MANTRA for today is:

Playing Small - Mantra


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