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Patience is like dancing with a brick wall

Patience is like dancing with a brick wall

Now, let me talk to you about patience today

Patience, oh my God
Oh, my dear God
Patience is a killer, truly
Patience is a bitch, as you call it
As you humans call it

And it is like dancing with a brick wall
Patience is like dancing with a brick wall
You try to make a move
And the brick wall doesn’t move one millimeter, nothing
And you hit your head against the brick wall
And the brick wall stops you in your tracks
And you have to endure
All patience

It is a difficult difficult lesson for many of you
To have patience
And the younger you are the more difficult patience is
Not for all of you
But for many of you

Now, but what is patience really
It is all your adrenalin
And all your ego
And all your wanting
And all your passion
And all your need projected upon a goal that you want to reach
Or an outcome that you want to establish
And you want it exactly now, tomorrow or the next week
On this date, on this hour
And then life comes in-between

It happens to many of us
And then patience kicks in
You have to be patient
You have to let the process have its course
Is there another way?
Is there another way for you to deal with this?

First of all
Think about a goal long term
Of course you want it now, you want it tomorrow
But sometimes it’s not possible
And then you have to be patient
Because other things have to happen first before you finally reach the goal

So first of all, put your vision further down the road
Put your outcome further down the road
If it is not today and it is not tomorrow
Make it next week or next month
And of course, sometimes it’s impossible
It has to be now
And sometimes it will not happen now
Okay, you have to accept and then let go

But back to the patience
How to deal and how to work with patience
Of course, people teach you to sit on your hands
I don’t know if you have tried it
But after a while it becomes very uncomfortable to sit on your hands
Your hands start to become numb and sleepy and pins and needles kick in

So there is a much more easy way
First of all, close your eyes
And then second, search for your breath
Find your breath and then follow your breath
That’s all you have to do
Follow the breath
Witness the breath
Up and down
In and out
You don’t have to push
You don’t have to pull
Just let the breath do its work

And then thirdly, you connect your feet firmly to the earth
And if you are in a building
Imagine you stand on grass or rock or sand
So now you have your eyes closed
You feel your breath
And you feel your feet firmly being on the ground
You can do this standing up
You can do this sitting down
You can do this laying down
It does not matter
Whatever feels good for you

And then you say to yourself
After a while
After the rhythm of the breath has calmed you down
You say, I open myself to my Wisdom
I open myself to my Truth
And I open myself to my Knowing
And then you become even more quiet
Try it, you will feel that it works that way

And then you picture that which you want to happen
You picture it
So you picture the outcome
And then you ask one simple question
What action can I do NOW
That will bring me closer to this goal or this outcome

And then a thought will pop up
Or an idea will pop up
Or a picture will pop up where you see what you have to do
And then go and do just that

After you come back and you open your eyes
And you start to live your daily life again
You are out of the meditation
Go and do just that ONE thing

And the next day you do the same
You close your eyes
You feel your breath
You feel the earth
Then you connect with the earth
You connect with your knowledge
Your Wisdom
Your Truth
Your Knowing, not your knowledge, your knowing
And then you ask again
What is it that I can do
That will bring me one step closer
Or two steps or five steps closer
Closer in general
To this goal or to this outcome

And again, something will pop up
A thought, a person, an idea
Something you have to go and do, ACTION
And go and do it
Go and do it
And then the next day you do the same

So in this way you co-create with the Universe
Reaching the outcome
And instead of you trying
Frantically trying in your mind
To create the result
You go inside
You become calm
You go into the layer of intuition and knowing
And there you will find what you can do best
To help create the outcome
Or help reach the goal

And in this way you dance with your patience
And in this way you work with your patience
And you will notice that your impatience becomes quiet
And your patience becomes strong
And satisfied
And all this restlessness
And all this anxiety will leave you

Try this method
Try it
Whenever you are impatient
Whenever you want it NOW
Try it

Try this method of becoming quiet and go inside
And you will notice the difference
You will notice the difference
You will be relaxed instead of stressed
And this is what we wish for you
And a stress less life

This was my message
Thank you

Copyright © 2018 Channeled by Briant&Jaldhara – All Rights Reserved

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