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Live in the reality of co-creation

Live in the reality of co-creation

In your reality there is what I call the realm of co-creation
In your reality there is a realm that you can call co-creation

What it needs from you is attention, detachment and consciousness
This vibration
This realm
This energy
The energy of co-creation

For there are two realities in your life
One reality is the reality of resistance
You living a life full of resistance
And mainly you resisting this reality of co-creation

And the reality of co-creation where everything flows
And goes easy
And has its right course for you
Because in that realm you and the universe are in co-creation
So your best possible reality is happening in that reality of co-creation

And then back to the reality of resistance
This is the reality where you fight
Where you fight against the stream of life
Fight against yourself
Fight against society
Fight against movement
You fighting

And many many many people live that life
The life of fighting
They live in the realm of resistance
Where things are tough and hard and poor
Where your energy is drained
Where your dreams are killed
Where you yourself are not flourishing

And this other realm, the realm of co-creation
In that reality, everything is easy
And I don’t know if you have ever experienced a day in your life
Where everything went right, “by accident”
By “accident”, you met the right people
You were in the right space
At the right time
At the right moment
At the right occasion
And everything seemed to go smooth and flowing
And there was lightness
And there was happiness
And there was ease
And things would flow
And you would flourish
And you would feel so relaxed
As if you were drifting

Now that is the reality of co-creation
And to be more in that realm on a daily basis
Needs from you, first of all, to do in your life what you like
So if you have work, only do the work you like
And if you are currently in a job that you don’t like
Focus on the job you do like
Dream about it
Dream big
And call that dream into your reality by dreaming it daily

So first find and do work you like
So if you dream of becoming a writer
And you are a car mechanic right now
And you go to your job everyday and you think
Hah, once I liked cars and now I hate them
Because I want to become a writer
That is your dream
Pursue the dream, start to write
Start to dream big and start to write as well.

In the evening time when you are home
Take a shower
Have a bite
Relax a bit
And then one hour, one hour and a half
Maybe two hours
Write and pursue your dream

So the first thing to be in this realm of co-creation
Is to do the things you like
As far as making money is concerned
Follow your heart
Follow your dream
This is a big help

Then secondly, your love life
Choose somebody you truly love
And where you have an easy relationship
A relationship that sustains you
That feeds you spiritually
That supports you

If you are in a fighting relationship
This whole reality of co-creation is not going to happen
In that particular topic of love
It’s not going to happen

Health, do the things and eat the things that make you healthy
So eat food that make you healthy
And do exercises
Take care of your body

Friends, take care of your friends
And only maintain friendships
And develop friendships that feed you spiritually
That are good for you
That love you exactly the way you are

And by doing all this you slowly fill your reality with ease
With smoothness
Where things go easy
And then you suddenly are in the realm of co-creation
Where everything seems to go your way

And whenever you encounter something within you
That needs attention
That needs healing
That needs work
Do the work and let go
Let go of the old
And embrace the new
And go with the flow
Go with the ease
And your life will be so different

The life of living in the reality of co-creation
It’s so beautiful
It’s so easy
And it’s a reality
And you can even wish it by saying daily
I choose to live in the reality of co-creation

If you say that as a mantra
On a daily basis
I choose to live in the reality of co-creation
Then co-creation will come your way
Try it
You will like it


This was my message

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