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Let your shit be your shift

Let your shit be your shift

Today I want to talk to you about “Let Your Shit Be Your Shift”

So many of you look up to others
And use the ideas
And use the thoughts
And use the words
Of others to express yourselves

So many of you have role models
And idols and people that you look up to
And there is nothing wrong with that
Because for inspiration this is a good thing

To be inspired is a good thing, but
What about your own wisdom
What about your own truth
What about our own knowledge, your own knowing
Because there is plenty of that within you, Inside of you

That’s the gold we talk about
To dig up that gold
To make that journey inwardly, inward
And to dig up that gold
Your gold
Your wisdom
Your truth
Your knowledge
And most of all your voice

To speak your truth
To speak your wisdom
To speak your inner knowing
And in order to do that
To be able to do that
This quote, “Let your shit be your shift”
Symbolizes that process

If you heal yourself from past experiences
If you heal yourself from the scars of your past
If you go inside and heal yourself
Heal the layers in you that are unhealed
That are still in pain
That are angry
That are frustrated
That are hurt
That are denied
That have been ridiculed
If you heal all these layers
If you heal Your Shit
You automatically bring out your true self
And this process is a shift, your shift

So, let your shit be your shift means
Heal yourself, in order to bring out the best in you
And instead of looking up to others
Others will start to look up at you

Because you are an original voice
You have something to say
And you have something to contribute
And you are doing just that
You will contribute
To the good of the whole of humankind

And this process, this journey
Life invites you to make that journey
Not all of you will make the journey
Not all of you are willing to go inside and
Clean your shit
This may be so
But those who do will be rewarded
Will be rewarded by finding themselves
Their true inner voice

The reason why you came to this world In the first place
Is to express yourself
To express the power of your soul
The power of you
Because immensely powerful you are
And there are layers and layers and layers
Of unhealed material that are holding you back

But once you peel off layer by layer
You will expose your beauty
You will expose your power
You will expose the true you
The original you
And the original you is beautiful
Is shining
Is inspirational

So I invite you
To let your shit be your shift
Go and make the journey
And I promise
This is an ironclad promise
You will find beauty, your beauty
At the bottom of the pit
You will
One hundred percent guaranteed

This was my message

The MANTRA for today is:

Let your shit be your shift - Mantra


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